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Trends in Chromatography   Volumes    Volume 1 
Determination of amikacin in bulk pharmaceutical samples by micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography with UV detection
E. Kaale, J. Hoogmartens, A. Van Schepdael, C. Govaerts, F. Anyakudo
Pages: 95 - 103
Number of pages: 9
Trends in Chromatography
Volume 1 

Copyright © 2005 Research Trends. All rights reserved


A micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography method for analysis of amikacin in bulk pharma-ceuticals is described. Successful separation of four minor related substances di-HABA kanamycin, BB-K29, kanamycin and L-HABA from amikacin was achieved. The separation of two minor components BB-K6 and BB-K11 from the main peak was not accomplished. A background electrolyte composed of 75% of 30 mM borate pH 10 containing 40 mM sodium dodecyl sulfate and 25 % of n-propanol maintained at a temperature of 20°C has shown to give optimal separation. Amikacin was derivatized with o-phthaldicarboxaldeyde/ mercaptoacetic acid and UV detected at 335 nm. A good linearity was obtained. The intra-day (n=6) and inter-day RSD (n=18, 6 days) values are 0.61% and 3.8% respectively for corrected area and 0.98% and 3.8 % respectively for the migration time. LOD of 0.07 % w/w and LOQ of 0.17 % w/w were obtained. An SPE step was used to purify derivatized samples for structure confirmation by mass spectrometry.

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