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Trends in Chemical Engineering   Volumes    Volume 6 
Some aspects on reforming of methane with CO2 over Ni-based catalysts
A. A. Castro, E. L. Jablonski, O. A. Scelza, S. R. de Miguel
Pages: 113 - 124
Number of pages: 12
Trends in Chemical Engineering
Volume 6 

Copyright © 2000 Research Trends. All rights reserved


In the last years the CH4 Reforming with CO2 (CO2-R) is being considered as an alternative process to the steam reforming (SR) for the syn-gas production. The CO2-R not only is an eco-compatible process, but also leads to a H2/CO molar ratio in the syn-gas more satisfactory to be used in the production of higher hydrocarbons and oxygenates. Several metallic supported catalysts have been tested in the CO2-R, including supported Ni-based catalysts and supported noble metal-based catalysts (Rh, Ru, Pd, Pt, Ir). Both catalyst groups have exhibited a good performance in terms of conversion and selectivity. However, the main problem related with this CO2-R process is the fast deactivation of catalyst by carbon deposition.

Supported noble metal-catalysts are said to be less sensitive to the carbon deposition than those based on Ni. However, the Ni-catalysts are very interesting systems due to the low price of Ni and the limited reserves of noble metals. Hence, the development of industrial catalysts based on Ni with high activity, selectivity and high resistance to the carbon deposition is the main challenge in this field. This paper intents to give the state of the art in the field of CO2-R using catalysts based on Ni.

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