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Trends in Chemical Engineering   Volumes
Trends in Chemical Engineering
Volume 4
Published in 1998
Table of Contents
1 A wide range modeling study of oxidation and combustion of hydrocarbon mixtures
Pages  1 -  32
Tiziano Faravelli, Paolo Gaffuri, Alessandro Goldaniga, Eliseo Ranzi
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2 Design of control systems for chemical plants with recycle streams
Pages  33 -  43
Claudio Scali, Rita Antonelli, Fausto Ferrari
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3 Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of multiphase chemical reactors
Pages  45 -  92
Bjørn H. Hjertager
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4 Entropy production rate and thermokinetic potential in the light of non-equilibrium thermodynamics
Pages  93 -  113
Giacomo Bisio, Francesco Devia
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5 Gas absorption or stripping in hollow fibre membrane modules
Pages  115 -  132
K. Li, W. K. Teo
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6 Catalytically-active porous barriers as advanced chemical reactors
Pages  133 -  143
Guido Saracco, Vito Specchia
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7 Titania-based aqueous phase photocatalytic remediation processes: strategies for enhancement of quantum efficiency
Pages  145 -  159
Gerald D. Surender, George P. Fotou, Sotiris E. Pratsinis
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8 Heat transfer and flow characteristics of liquid-gas flows at reduced-gravity
Pages  161 -  170
Kamiel S. Rezkallah
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9 Modelling of air drying in regular shaped bodies
Pages  171 -  180
S. Simal, C. Rosselló, A. Mulet
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10 Use of pumice as catalyst or catalyst support
Pages  181 -  188
A. Brito, R. Arvelo, M. Torres, F. Garcia, M. T. Garcia, M. E. Borges, A. Gonzalez, M. C. Alvarez, R. Larraz
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11 Dynamic optimisation of chemical processes
Pages  189 -  201
M. A. Latifi, J. P. Corriou, M. Fikar
Abstract | Buy this article 
12 Methods for the separation of emulsified oil from water: a state-of-the-art review
Pages  203 -  231
José Manuel Benito, Guillermo Rίos, Carmen Pazos, José Coca
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13 Multivariate statistical methods for fault detection and diagnosis in chemical process industries: a survey
Pages  233 -  242
Kewen Yin
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