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Current Topics in Pharmacology   Volumes
Current Topics in Pharmacology
Volume 1
Published in 1992
Table of Contents
1 The cardioprotective properties of defibrotide in ischaemic perfused rabbit hearts reviewed: Highlights on endogenous prostacyclin as a trigger of myocardial salvage
Pages  1 -  8
Bianchi Giorgio, Berti Ferruccio
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2 The search for sympathomimetic drugs with thermogenic anti-obesity properties
Pages  9 -  16
A. G. Dulloo
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3 Antifibrillatory effect of α-adrenoceptor blocking drugs in coronary artery occlusion and reperfusion
Pages  17 -  22
B. G. Benfey
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4 Disuse muscular atrophy: Influence of a pyrimidine nucleotide, the UTP, on the maintenance of histochemical and contractile properties
Pages  23 -  32
M. Falempin, Y. Mounier, D. Leterme, L. Stevens, C. Cordonnier
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5 Physiopathology of liver drug metabolism in sleep
Pages  33 -  41
P. Galtier
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6 Selection of monoclonal antibodies to haptens for immnunoassays
Pages  43 -  55
Olivier Chappey, Pierre Sandouk, Jean-Michel Scherrmann
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7 Alcohol intoxication: Pharmacokinetic prediction and behavioral analysis in humans
Pages  57 -  67
John Brick, Jamie Adler, Karen Cocco, Edward Westrick
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8 Insulin resistance in essential hypertension: Effects of antihypertensive drug therapy
Pages  69 -  82
Raymond R. Townsend, Philip A. Head Jr., T. Richard Lieux, Donald J. DiPette
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9 The control nucleotides in blood vessels: Role of the ATP diphosphohydrolase (Apyrase)
Pages  83 -  93
Yvan P. Côté, Chintamani T. Pavate, Adrien R. Beaudoin
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10 Immunological aspects of tumour drug-resistance
Pages  95 -  105
N. D’Alessandro
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11 Sotalol: A unique antiarrhythmic agent with class II and class III properties
Pages  107 -  123
Michael J. Antonaccio
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12 Calcium pumps in coronary artery: Implications to acute and chronic effects of ischemia
Pages  125 -  137
Ashok Kumar Grover, Sue E. Samson
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13 The interest of fluorine-19 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in studies on the metabolism of fluoropyrimidines
Pages  139 -  156
Marie-C. Malet-Martino, Robert Martino
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14 Nitric oxide production and parathyroid hormone-induced hypotension in genetic hypertension
Pages  157 -  159
R. Schleiffer, F. Pernot, B. Van Overloop, A. Gairard
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