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Current Topics in Pharmacology   Volumes
Current Topics in Pharmacology
Volume 18
Published in 2014
This is a complementary issue - Complimentary
Table of Contents
1 Protective mechanisms of the gastrointestinal mucosa: a review
Pages  1 -  28
Irwin S. Chandranath, Salim M. A. Bastaki, Abdu Adem, Mohammed M. Al Ahmed, Jaipaul Singh
Abstract | PDF
2 A possible novel pharmacological therapy for Parkinson’s disease using the pleiotropic property of Selegiline
Original Communication
Pages  29 -  37
Shin-ichi Ono, Ryuji Sone, Ei-ichi Tokuda
Abstract | PDF
3 Combined voltage clamp and confocal microscopy analysis for the evaluation of drug-induced arrhythmogenic risk
Mini Review
Pages  39 -  43
Iyuki Namekata, Shogo Hamaguchi, Hikaru Tanaka
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4 Alternative pathways involved in the antinociceptive effect of Canavalia brasiliensis lectin: nitric oxide and the adrenergic system
Short Communication
Pages  45 -  49
Alana Freitas Pires, Benildo Sousa Cavada, Andrelina Noronha Coelho de Souza, Eva Pollyanna Peixe Laranjeira, João Batista Cajazeiras, Ana Maria Sampaio Assreuy, Cláudia Ferreira Santos
Abstract | Buy this article 
5 Effects of genistein on the male hypothalamus-hypophysis-gonad axis
Pages  51 -  60
Guillermo Mora-Ramiro, Herlinda Bonilla-Jaime, Mario Pérez-Martínez, Enrique Mendieta-Márquez, María Dolores García-Suárez, Hector Serrano
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6 The effect of brain augmenting drug Ritalin on animal behavior
Pages  61 -  69
Nachum Dafny
Abstract | PDF
7 Molecular and cellular mechanisms of the inhibitory effects of ACE-2/ANG1-7/Mas axis on lung injury
Pages  71 -  80
Indiwari Gopallawa, Bruce D. Uhal
Abstract | PDF
8 Hyperthermic intraperitoneal gemcitabine chemotherapy for patients with resected pancreatic cancer: Clinical and pharmacologic data
Pages  81 -  92
Paul H. Sugarbaker, O. Anthony Stuart, Lana Bijelic, Antonios-Apostolos K. Tentes
Abstract | PDF
9 Antinociceptive evaluation of Buddleja davidii Franch flower extracts and the involvement of martynoside
Original Communication
Pages  93 -  103
Mark English, Mariana Martins Gomes Pinheiro, Thais Biondino Sardella, Patricia Dias Fernandes, Ikarastika Rahayu Abdul-Wahab, Liam O’Sullivan, Fabio Boylan
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10 Antioxidant effect of nicotinic acid on experimental doxorubicin-induced chronic heart failure
Original Communication
Pages  105 -  111
Violetta Narokha, Iryna Nizhenkovskaya, Olena Kuznetsova
Abstract | PDF
11 The ischemic tolerance caused by dietary supplementing with olive leaf extract up-regulates group I and II metabotropic glutamate receptors
Original Communication
Pages  113 -  122
Mohammad Reza Bigdeli, Tahereh Younesi
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