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Current Topics in Pharmacology   Volumes
Current Topics in Pharmacology
Volume 20
Published in 2016
This is a complementary issue - Complimentary
Table of Contents
1 Differences between human and animal neocortical tissues in transmitter release studies
Pages  1 -  15
Sven Windhorst, Thomas J. Feuerstein, Ulrich G. Hofmann, Kevin Joseph
Abstract | PDF
2 Consumption of medicinal plants by the psychiatric population in Uruguay and their possible interactions with the most frequently prescribed medication
Original Communication
Pages  17 -  24
Cecilia Maldonado, Marianela Lorier, Ismael Olmos, Mauricio Mato, Gabriela Capurro, Gabriela Díaz, Florencia Larralde, Pietro Fagiolino, Marta Vázquez
Abstract | PDF
3 Blood pressure and vascular function modification in young spontaneously hypertensive rats treated with nifedipine
Original Communication
Pages  25 -  32
Anna Zemančíková, Jozef Török
Abstract | PDF
4 The new ApoE analog DPT-Cog inhibits PI3k/Akt-dependent survival of human radio-resistant U87G glioblastoma cells
Short Communication
Pages  33 -  37
Jean-Hervé Colle, Alphonse Garcia
Abstract | PDF
5 Mitochondrial membrane potential oscillations in isolated cardiomyocytes as revealed by fluorescence microscopy
Original Communication
Pages  39 -  44
Iyuki Namekata, Seri Kaeriyama, Shogo Hamaguchi, Naoko Iida-Tanaka, Toru Kawanishi, Hikaru Tanaka
Abstract | PDF
6 Influence of food and sex on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of furosemide
Original Communication
Pages  45 -  56
Laura Magallanes, Pietro Fagiolino, Marta Vázquez, Nikoletta Fotaki, Manuel Ibarra, Marianela Lorier, Virginia Bértola, Anna Barindelli
Abstract | PDF
7 Suppressive effect of agarose and cellulose on hyperuricemia induced by dietary RNA in rats
Original Communication
Pages  57 -  66
Takashi Koguchi, Hisao Nakajima, Saburo Takano, Toru Ota, Masahiro Wada, Satoshi Innami, Tadahiro Tadokoro
Abstract | PDF
8 Drugs targeting the metabolically regulated ATP-sensitive potassium channels and big calcium-activated potassium channels in skeletal muscles: pharmacological perspectives and therapeutic use
Pages  67 -  80
Domenico Tricarico, Michela Cetrone, Antonietta Mele
Abstract | PDF
9 Effect of topiramate in Japanese patients with binge eating disorder
Short Communication
Pages  81 -  85
Eiji Kirino
Abstract | PDF
10 Strategies to overcome resistance to anti-EGFR monoclonal antibodies in colorectal cancer
Pages  87 -  98
Valentina Boscaro, Margherita Gallicchio
Abstract | PDF
11 Angiotensin II, angiotensin II receptors and diabetes mellitus
Pages  99 -  111
Lilia Pashova-Stoyanova, Maria Ganeva
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12 Antiproliferative effects of neuroprotective drugs targeting big Ca2+-activated K+ (BK) channel in the undifferentiated neuroblastoma cells
Original Communication
Pages  113 -  131
Angela Curci, Fatima Maqoud, Antonietta Mele, Michela Cetrone, Mariacristina Angelelli, Nicola Zizzo, Domenico Tricarico
Abstract | PDF


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