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Current Topics in Pharmacology   Volumes
Current Topics in Pharmacology
Volume 3
Published in 1997
Table of Contents
1 β-chloroethylamines discriminate between two distinct subtypes of M3-cholinoceptors, α1-adrenoceptors and histamine H1-receptors
Pages  1 -  34
Issei Takayanagi, Katsuo Koike
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2 Molecular mechanisms of lidocaine and related drugs on Na channels
Pages  35 -  49
Takashi Ban, Hideaki Sada
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3 Nitric oxide and nephrotoxicity
Pages  51 -  58
María Reverte, José M. Valdivielso, José M. López-Novoa
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4 Physiological comparison of semen and spermatozoa in birds
Pages  59 -  65
Noboru Fujihara
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5 Ethanol-related cytotoxicity catalyzed by CYP2E1-dependent generation of reactive oxygen intermediates in transduced Hep G2 cells
Pages  67 -  76
Qi Chen, Arthur I. Cederbaum
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6 Staphylokinase as a new thrombolytic agent
Pages  77 -  83
Shigeru Ueshima, Osamu Matsuo
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7 Human umbilical artery: endothelium, hypoxia and the response to 5-hydroxytryptamine
Pages  85 -  102
Sergio De Moraes, Mateus Teixeira Cavalcante, Jose Carlos C. Carvalho, Roberto Simão Mathias
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8 Induction of proto-oncogene expression in liver cells: role of early genes in signal transduction
Pages  103 -  113
Claudia González-Espinosa
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9 Synaptic modulation of ganglionic transmission in dog cardiac sympathetic ganglia
Pages  115 -  122
K. Kushiku, T. Katsuragi, T. Furukawa
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10 Genetically engineered animal models of obesity and body weight regulation
Pages  123 -  135
Akio Inui, Mineko Fujimiya, Takafumi Sakai
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11 Mechanistic aspects in the hepatic uptake of long chain free fatty acids, bile acids and non-bile acids cholephilic organic anions
Pages  137 -  144
Adriana Mónica Torres
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12 Molecular mechanism of β-adrenergic modulation of cardiac sodium current
Pages  145 -  155
Katsushige Ono, Makoto Arita
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13 Nitric oxide and neurodegenerative diseases
Pages  157 -  163
Toshio Nakaki, Akira Mishima, Tomoko Fujii, Eiji Suzuki, Futoshi Shintani
Abstract | Buy this article 
14 Transcriptional modulation by excitatory amino acid signals in the brain
Pages  165 -  176
Yukio Yoneda, Kiyokazu Ogita, Yasutaka Azuma
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15 The role of autoreceptors in initiation of release
Pages  177 -  191
H. Parnas, M. Linial, I. Parnas
Abstract | Buy this article 
16 Regulation of G protein-coupled receptors by specific receptor kinases and arrestins
Pages  193 -  205
Michele Sallese, Luisa Iacovelli, Antonio De Blasi
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17 Pharmacological control of solid tumor metastases by ruthenium complexes
Pages  207 -  216
Gianni Sava, Alberta Bergamo
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18 Mechanism of neurotransmitter release induced by amphetamine derivatives: pharmacological and toxicological aspects
Pages  217 -  227
M. Gobbi, T. Mennini, S. Garattini
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19 Can a specific blocker of mechano-sensitive channels be found? Interactions between SAC blocker properties and calcium channel blocker properties in heart cells
Pages  229 -  238
Caroline Pascarel, Olivier Cazorla, Fabien Brette, Jean-Yves Le Guennec
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20 Modulation of host immunity by lysozymes active on GALT in mice carrying solid malignant tumours
Pages  239 -  245
Gianni Sava, Renato Gagliardi, Sabrina Pacor
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21 The intricate story of nitric oxide as regulator of skeletal muscle activity: a brief report
Mini Review
Pages  247 -  254
Giorgio Fanò, Pierre Tijskens, Francesco Coscia, Franco Cuccurullo, Giovanni Menchetti
Abstract | Buy this article 
22 Brain RNA synthesis in rats with portacaval shunts
Short Communication
Pages  255 -  257
Krzysztof Helewski, Janusz Konecki, Jashovam Shani
Abstract | Buy this article 
23 A possible mechanism underlying skeletal muscle contracture induced by silver and gold ions
Short Note
Pages  259 -  264
Kenji Nihonyanagi, Toshiharu Oba
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