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Current Topics in Pharmacology   Volumes
Current Topics in Pharmacology
Volume 11 Issue 1
Published in 2007
Table of Contents
1 Cigarette smoking and blood lipids and lipoproteins
Pages  1 -  10
Hiroyuki Imamura, Reika Masuda
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2 Local neural regulation of the motility of the striated muscle portion in the mammalian esophagus
Pages  11 -  17
Takahiko Shiina, Yasutake Shimizu, Ammar Boudaka, Jürgen Wörl, Winfried L. Neuhuber, Tadashi Takewaki
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3 Permeability of human and porcine intestinal mucosa to lipophilic and hydrophilic molecules
Original Communication
Pages  19 -  26
Armorél D. van Eyk, Pieter van der Bijl
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4 Understanding pharmacological mechanisms by using molecular networks - development of “KeyMolnet”
Pages  27 -  38
Hiromi Sato
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5 Beneficial effects of coenzyme Q10 in health and disease-Recommended usage of CoQ10 supplement-
Mini Review
Pages  39 -  43
Toshihiro Okamoto
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6 Long term effects of dilazep hydrochloride, an anti-platelet drug, on patients with IgA nephropathy - Reports of 5-year treatment
Mini Review
Pages  45 -  49
Yasuhiko Tomino
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7 Spectrum of LDL/HDL-cholesterol ratios of patients in a University Hospital in The Netherlands. A pilot investigation
Original Communication
Pages  51 -  56
Tom B. Vree, Ludo M. Somers, Eric N. Robertson, Erik Dammers
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8 Effect of imipramine and electro convulsive stimulation in mice under social stress conditions
Original Communication
Pages  57 -  70
J. A. Saldívar-González, A. Posadas-Andrews, J. A. Rojas, M. Yoldi-Negrete, A. Álvarez-Sekely, V. Flores-Hernández, S. Ortiz-León, C. Foilloux-Morales, L. Mayagoitia, R. Mondragón-Ceballos
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9 The pharmacology of cyclo-oxygenase-2 products of mammalian endocannabinoids
Pages  71 -  80
D. F. Woodward, Y. Liang, J. W. Wang, R. M. Burk, Achim H-P. Krauss
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10 Activators of cardiac mitochondrial ATP-sensitive potassium channels: promising drugs for anti-ischaemic therapy
Pages  81 -  90
Vincenzo Calderone, Lara Testai, Alma Martelli, Simona Rapposelli, Maria Cristina Breschi
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11 The bradykinin system: role in cardiovascular and diabetic pathophysiology
Pages  91 -  100
Jagdish N. Sharma
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