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Current Topics in Solution Chemistry   Volumes
Current Topics in Solution Chemistry
Volume 2
Published in 1997
Table of Contents
1 Solvent-modulated fluorescence behavior and photophysical properties of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons dissolved in fluid solution
Pages  1 -  27
Sheryl A. Tucker, Siddharth Pandey, William E. Acree Jr.
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2 Metal ion dependent hydrolysis of RNA
Pages  29 -  47
Harri Lönnberg, Satu Kuusela
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3 Static solvent effects on electron transfer reactions
Pages  49 -  62
Francisco Sánchez Burgos, Pilar López Cornejo, Pilar Pérez-Tejeda, Rafael Jiménez Sindreu
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4 Thermophysics of multicomponent nonelectrolytic solutions
Pages  63 -  82
Andrea Marchetti, Lorenzo Tassi
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5 Pressure, temperature, isotope, and mixed solvent effects on proton jumps of the oxonium and hydroxide ions in aqueous solutions
Pages  83 -  93
Kiyoshi Shimizu, Masakatsu Ueno, Noriaki Tsuchihashi, Yuichiro Tada
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6 Cooperativity in small molecular systems: symmetric dicarboxylic acids
Pages  95 -  123
A. Ben-Naim
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7 Hydrophilic interactions determine cooperativity of hydrophobic interactions and molecular recognition in aqueous solutions of non electrolytes. The preferential configuration model
Pages  125 -  142
Filomena Velleca, Giuseppina Castronuovo, Vittorio Elia
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8 From dilute to concentrate solutions of reversed micelles
Pages  143 -  156
V. Turco Liveri
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9 Ionic strength effects on acid-base equilibria. A review
Pages  157 -  181
Manuel E. Sastre de Vicente
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10 Solubility of substances related to urolithiasis-experiments and computer modelling
Pages  183 -  202
Erich Königsberger, Lan-Chi Tran-Ho
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11 Volumetric properties of aqueous ionic solutions at high temperature: experimental and theoretical approaches
Pages  203 -  217
Horacio R. Corti
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12 Stabilities in water and transfer activity coefficients between nonaqueous solvents and water of metal ions complexed with macrocyclic compounds
Pages  219 -  251
Shoichi Katsuta, Yasuyuki Takeda, Yoshihiro Kudo
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13 The effect of ionic strength and ionic medium on the thermodynamic parameters of protonation and complex formation
Pages  253 -  274
Claudia Foti, Concetta De Stefano, Pier G. Daniele, Silvio Sammartano
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