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Trends in Vacuum Science & Technology   Volumes
Trends in Vacuum Science & Technology
Volume 1
Published in 1993
Table of Contents
1 Recent development in microfabrication of solid surface by UV and VUV lasers
Pages  1 -  12
Koichi Toyoda
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2 Nitridation of silicon and thermal silica films in low ammonia pressures
Pages  13 -  56
A. Glachant
Abstract | Buy this article 
3 Vacuum systems for electron storage rings
Pages  57 -  65
J. C. Schuchman
Abstract | Buy this article 
4 Sputtering techniques employing electron cyclotron resonance and electric-mirror excitations for film deposition
Pages  67 -  93
Morito Matsuoka
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5 Opposite behaviors of surface reactivities of GaAs and InP semiconductor compounds
Pages  95 -  118
J. L. Sculfort
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6 Analysis of typical transformations of III-V / electrolyte interfaces by X.P.S. measurements
Pages  119 -  139
J. L. Sculfort
Abstract | Buy this article 
7 Interaction of organic and organometallic molecules with semiconductor surfaces: Adsorption mechanisms and chemical reactivity
Pages  141 -  148
M. N. Piancastelli
Abstract | Buy this article 
8 Ion-assisted doping of p-type CdTe films
Pages  149 -  159
Richard H. Bube, Alan L. Fahrenbruch, Donghwan Kim, Adolfo Lopez-Otero
Abstract | Buy this article 
9 Characterization of a-C: H thin films
Pages  161 -  181
A. Reyes-Mena, J. González-Hernández, R. Asomoza
Abstract | Buy this article 
10 The interface between a metal organic chemical vapor deposition CdTe epilayer and a CdTe substrate
Pages  183 -  192
Y. Nemirovsky, A. Ruzin, A. Bezinger
Abstract | Buy this article 
11 STM characterization of chemical sensors
Pages  193 -  208
Michael A. George, William S. Glaunsinger
Abstract | Buy this article 
12 Molecular layer epitaxy
Pages  209 -  222
Jun-ichi Nishizawa, Hiroshi Sakuraba
Abstract | Buy this article 
13 Cluster model study of surfaces and adsorption phenomena on diamond-like crystals(C,Si and Ge)
Pages  223 -  249
Marirosa Toscano
Abstract | Buy this article 
14 Glow discharge sputtering systems: Generation, transport and deposition of atomic species
Pages  251 -  284
I. Abril, A. Gras-Martí, J. J. Jiménez-Rodríguez, V. Konoplev, J. C. Moreno-Marín, A. M. C. Pérez-Martín
Abstract | Buy this article 
15 Structural and chemical-physical characterization of metal microclusters and their oxidization
Pages  285 -  312
Marco Diociaiuti, Luigi Paoletti
Abstract | Buy this article 
16 Solid-state device characterization with a scanning tunneling microscope
Pages  313 -  327
S. Kordić
Abstract | Buy this article 
17 The ion assistance in optical coating deposition processes
Pages  329 -  358
S. Scaglione, L. Caneve, A. Tirabassi
Abstract | Buy this article 
18 Production of thin films by arc-evaporation
Pages  359 -  369
H. Ehrich
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19 Electronic and geometric structure of ultrathin alkali-metal-GaAs(110) interfaces
Pages  371 -  380
N. J. DiNardo, C. A. Ventrice Jr., T. Maeda Wong, A. J. Smith, D. Heskett, A. B. McLean, W. R. Graham, E. W. Plummer
Abstract | Buy this article 
20 Thin semiconducting films deposited by plasma chemical vapour: Deposition technology and applications
Pages  381 -  385
P. Rava
Abstract | Buy this article 
21 Optoelectronic devices in the adverse environment: Vacuum and gamma irradiation
Pages  387 -  392
S. Hava
Abstract | Buy this article 
22 Thin film ferroelectric memory devices: Fabrication, processing and properties
Pages  393 -  415
Anand K. Kulkarni
Abstract | Buy this article 
23 High-resolution electron energy-loss spectroscopy-a fascinating tool for studying semiconductor surfaces and interfaces
Pages  417 -  432
J. A. Schaefer
Abstract | Buy this article 
24 Progress in depth profiling with Angle Dependent X-ray Photo Electron Spectroscopy
Pages  433 -  443
Bonnie J. Tyler
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