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Trends in Vacuum Science & Technology   Volumes
Trends in Vacuum Science & Technology
Volume 4
Published in 2001
Table of Contents
1 Physics and application of dusty low pressure plasmas
Pages  1 -  35
E. Stoffels, W. W. Stoffels
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2 Study of dynamic surface structure change by using reflection high-energy electron diffraction with magnetic deflector
Pages  37 -  54
Y. Fukaya, Y. Shigeta
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3 New research trend from laser isotope separation to advanced photon research in JAERI
Pages  55 -  60
Akihiko Nishimura
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4 Epitaxial growth of CeO2 layers on Si substrates: low temperature growth by electron-beam-assisted evaporation
Pages  61 -  75
Tomoyasu Inoue
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5 Metal carburizing and nitriding in an expanding microwave plasma: the impinging plasma species promote the surface reactivity
Pages  77 -  99
I. Jauberteau, J. Aubreton, J.L. Jauberteau, M. Cahoreau
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6 Modelling nanomechanics of bulk copper and copper connections
Pages  101 -  109
Eero Ristolainen, Pekka Heino
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7 Research and development of plasma immersion ion implantation / deposition in Hong Kong
Pages  111 -  122
Langping Wang, Paul K. Chu, Xiubo Tian
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8 Study on helical grooved molecular drag pumps
Pages  123 -  143
T. Sawada, W. Sugiyama
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9 Fundamental studies on roles of oxygen plasma during thin film growth of perovskite Ca-doped Bi2201
Pages  145 -  182
Shin-ichi Iwasaki, Tamio Endo, Tao Li
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10 Pulsed laser deposition of silicon and carbon based thin films
Pages  183 -  194
C. Vasi, E. Fazio, F. Barreca, F. Neri, S. Trusso
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11 The interface formation between thin films of conjugated polymers and evaporated metals investigated by X-ray photoemission spectroscopy
Mini Review
Pages  195 -  204
G. Infante, G. Iucci, G. Polzonetti
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