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Trends in Vacuum Science & Technology   Volumes
Trends in Vacuum Science & Technology
Volume 6
Published in 2004
Table of Contents
1 Monte Carlo simulation of isotopic mass effects in sputtering by ion bombardment
Pages  1 -  24
Li-Ping Zheng
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2 The Vacuum metrology system in Germany
Pages  25 -  37
Karl Jousten
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3 Surface nanometrology based on SPM techiques
Pages  39 -  50
Qiqi Wang, Wenhao Huang, Xueming Dang, Yuhang Chen
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4 Deposition and properties of titanium oxy-nitride films on stainless steel under application of ionized nitrogen molecules
Pages  51 -  68
Katsuhiro Yokota, Kazuhiro Nakamura, Masami Ohnishi
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5 Effect of size and pressure on phase-transition temperature
Pages  69 -  90
C.C. Yang, Q. Jiang
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6 p-i-n junction organic solar cells incorporating nanostructure-controlled codeposited interlayer
Pages  91 -  107
Hiroshi Fujiwara, Kouji Suemori, Masahiro Hiramoto, Takahiro Miyata
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7 Conducting diffusion barriers for copper metallization; state of the art and potentiality of CVD and variant processes
Pages  109 -  126
C. Gasquères, F. Maury
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8 New achievements of complex dielectric spectroscopy to study interfaces and nanosystems
Mini Review
Pages  127 -  139
A. Stella, G.B. Parravicini, R. Kofman
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9 Electrochromic devices with solid polymeric electrolytes
Pages  141 -  152
Agnieszka Pawlicka
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10 Pulsed laser ablation deposition techniques : geometrical configurations
Pages  153 -  161
A. Perrone, L. Cultrera
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11 Size effect in thin ferroelectric films
Pages  163 -  176
S. Berger
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