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Trends in Organic Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Organic Chemistry
Volume 1
Published in 1990
Table of Contents
1 Remarkable features of chemical constituents in the flowers of Alnus species
Pages  1 -  21
Takayuki Suga, Tadashi Aoki, Shinji Ohta
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2 Carbon-Carbon bond formation via SmI2-promoted electron transfer process
Pages  23 -  30
Junji Inanaga
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3 Chemical and biological significances of sulfite radical anion, SO3-
Pages  31 -  42
Toshihiko Ozawa
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4 Convenient radical α-monoallylations of carbonyl compounds: Pentadienylation, methallylation, crotylation, and prenylation
Pages  43 -  52
Takeshi Toru, Tetsuo Yoneda, Tatsuya Okumura, Yoshihiko Watanabe, Yoshio Ueno
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5 Phosphorylation of biomolecules with inorganic phosphorylating agents
Pages  53 -  75
Yoshinobu Baba, Mitsutomo Tsuhako, Norimasa Yoza
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6 Haloboration reaction and its application to organic synthesis
Pages  77 -  86
Akira Suzuki, Shoji Hara
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7 Novel application of N-alkoxyamides in preparative organic chemistry
Pages  87 -  101
Yasuo Kikugawa
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8 Catalysts prepared from alkoxides
Pages  103 -  126
Akifumi Ueno
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9 Cubane-type Fe4S4 clusters and CO2 fixation
Pages  127 -  139
Masato Kodaka, Takenori Tomohiro, Kouichi Uoto, Hiroaki (Yohmei) Okuno
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10 Enantioselective total synthesis of natural products by using novel coupling reactions of chiral triflates
Pages  141 -  149
Hiyoshizo Kotsuki
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11 Preparation of carbonyl compounds by means of organotin reagents
Pages  151 -  163
Masanori Kosugi, Toshihiko Migita
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12 Micellar effects on photostabilization of 4,4'-diamonostilbene 2,2'- disulfonates derivatives
Pages  165 -  171
Kazuyoshi Seguchi, Satoko Tanaka, Yoshiko Ebara, Junko Yoshida, Reiko Hashimoto
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13 Resonance energies and magnetic susceptibilities of Hückel and Möbius conjugated molecules
Pages  173 -  197
Noriyuki Mizoguchi
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14 Catalytic asymmetric synthesis using polymer-support
Pages  199 -  211
Shinichi Itsuno, Koichi Ito
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15 New-type host molecules containing metallocene as a part of crown and Thiacrown-ether rings: Synthesis and metal complexes. Metal-metal bond formation
Pages  213 -  235
Masaru Sato, Sadatoshi Akabori
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16 Arene-chromium-carbonyl complexes in the synthesis of optically active chiral substances
Pages  237 -  256
A. Solladie-Cavallo
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