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Trends in Organic Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Organic Chemistry
Volume 19
Published in 2018
This is a complementary issue - Complimentary
Table of Contents
1 Classical tosylate/chloride leaving group approach supports a tetrahedral transition state for additions to trigonal carbon
Original Article
Pages  1 -  11
Malcolm J. D’Souza, Jeremy Wirick, Jasbir Deol, Dennis N. Kevill
Abstract | PDF
2 Assembly of polyfunctional compounds from the cyanide and isocyanate building blocks through the nanoparticle-catalyzed multicomponent reactions: A review
Pages  13 -  34
M. Sarkar, Grigoriy A. Sereda
Abstract | PDF
3 Synthesis and characterization of nitroso cardanol-based derivatives
Original Article
Pages  35 -  42
Giuseppe Vasapollo, Giuseppe Mele, Francesca Martina, Lucia Mergola, Maria Rosaria Lazzoi, Roberta Del Sole
Abstract | Buy this article 
4 Structure of O-alkyl-N-ethoxycarbonyl thiocarbamate and imidothiocarbonate derivatives
Original Article
Pages  43 -  73
Vanina M. Cayón, Sonia E. Torrico Vallejos, Carlos O. Della Védova, Oscar E. Piro, Gustavo A. Etcheverría, Mauricio F. Erben
Abstract | Buy this article 
5 Caffeine as a catalyst for four-component synthesis of dihydropyrano[2, 3-c]pyrazoles in water
Original Article
Pages  75 -  83
Mohammad Bakherad, Amir H. Amin, Rahele Doosti
Abstract | Buy this article 
6 The azide-alkyne cycloaddition catalysed by metal acetates
Original Article
Pages  85 -  108
Giorgio Molteni
Abstract | PDF
7 Formation of spiro-oxirane-oxindole from the dirhodium tetraacetate-catalyzed reaction of isatin with ethyl diazoacetate
Short Communication
Pages  109 -  112
Mustapha N. Abubakar, Girija S. Singh
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8 Kinetics of hexachloroiridiate(IV) oxidation of folic acid
Original Article
Pages  113 -  121
Refat M. Hassan, Samia M. Ibrahim
Abstract | Buy this article 
9 New covalently bridged pyrene-aryl azide systems: synthesis of 1-[(4-azidobenzoyloxy)methyl]pyrene and 1-[(4-azidobenzoyl)amino]pyrene
Short Communication
Pages  123 -  129
Igor I. Barabanov, Alexander V. Polukhin, Leonid V. Kuibida, Nikolay E. Polyakov, Andrey A. Nefedov
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