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Trends in Organic Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Organic Chemistry
Volume 2
Published in 1991
Table of Contents
1 Syntheses of neuroexcitatory kainoids
Pages  1 -  32
Kimiko Hashimoto, Haruhisa Shirahama
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2 Azide decomposition and magnetic field effect on photocrosslinking reaction of azidomethylated polystyrene in solid polymer matrix
Pages  33 -  39
Hiroshi Morita
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3 Transition metal-catalyzed organic reactions in aqueous media
Pages  41 -  49
Jitsuo Kiji, Tamon Okano
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4 Chemical reactivities of chlorine dioxide, ClO2 in aqueous solutions
Pages  51 -  58
Toshihiko Ozawa
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5 Total syntheses of optically active lignans
Pages  59 -  72
Eric Brown
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6 The nature of substituent effects on tautomeric equilibria of 2-pyridones and their reactions
Pages  73 -  92
Masayuki Kuzuya, Akihiro Noguchi
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7 Organic chemistry of coenzyme analogues
Pages  93 -  108
Shunichi Fukuzumi, Toshio Tanaka
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8 Organic reactions catalyzed by polymer- bound palladium and rhodium complexes
Pages  109 -  126
Kiyotomi Kaneda, Toshinobu Imanaka
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9 Biologically active metabolites from marine organisms and some semi-synthetic derivatives
Pages  127 -  141
Salvatore De Rosa, Alfonso De Giulio, Giuseppe Strazzullo
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10 Use of hydroxide ion as leaving group in photosolvolysis reactions
Pages  143 -  153
Deepak Shukla, Peter Wan
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11 Functionalized organolithium compounds in synthetic organic chemistry
Pages  155 -  181
Carmen Nájera, Miguel Yus
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12 Hydrolysis and intramolecular transesterification of ribonucleoside phosphoesters
Pages  183 -  198
Mikko Oivanen, Harri Lönnberg
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13 Synthesis and studies of mesocyclic and macrocyclic polythioethers
Pages  199 -  213
William N. Setzer, Gregory J. Grant
Abstract | Buy this article 
14 Conformational analysis of phosphorus-containing heterocycles
Pages  215 -  224
William N. Setzer
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15 New poly-condensed non-benzenoid quinones containing more than four rings
Pages  225 -  241
Shigeyasu Kuroda
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