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Trends in Organic Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Organic Chemistry
Volume 3
Published in 1992
Table of Contents
1 Applications of cyclic α-haloethers and unsaturated oxonium ions to natural product synthesis: Carbon-carbon bond formation
Pages  1 -  6
Ron Bihovsky
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2 Kinetic study for free radical reactions between nitrate radical (NO3.) and organic compounds in solution
Pages  7 -  25
Osamu Ito
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3 Solvation and structural effects on the basicity of amines
Pages  27 -  36
Allan D. Headley
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4 Chemical and biological aspects of antitumor platinum pyrimidine greens
Pages  37 -  52
Takehiko Shimura, Tomoko Okada, Hiroaki (Yohmei) Okuno
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5 Stereocontrolled introduction of nitrogen functionalization in D-ribonolactone chiral templates: Synthesis of non-protein amino acids
Pages  53 -  64
Jesús Ariza, Josep Font, Rosa M. Ortuño
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6 Preparation of the isoquinoline ring system utilizing benzylic anion condensations
Pages  65 -  92
Robin D. Clark, Jahangir
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7 Ion pairing of radical ions studied by pulse radiolysis
Pages  93 -  98
Yukio Yamamoto
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8 New diterpenoid skeletons of clerodanic origin from Mexican Salvia species
Pages  99 -  111
Lydia Rodríguez-Hahn, Baldomero Esquivel, Jorge Cárdenas
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9 Hypervalent iodine reagents in organic synthesis: Development of novel reactions and their application to biologically active natural products
Pages  113 -  128
Yasuyuki Kita, Hirofumi Tohma, Takayuki Yakura
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10 Organic natural products from some Mexican plants
Pages  129 -  140
Guillermo Delgado
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11 Lexitropsins: Sequence selective DNA binding and anticancer agents
Pages  141 -  171
K. Ekambareswara Rao, J. William Lown
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12 The sacrificial anode in electroorganic synthesis: Recent applications and mechanistic features
Pages  173 -  178
Nédélec Jean-Yves, Périchon Jacques
Abstract | Buy this article 
13 Studying interelectronic exchange interactions in organic compounds: A molecular approach
Pages  179 -  191
Paul M. Lahti
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14 Electron transfer in aliphatic radical nucleophilic substitution reactions
Pages  193 -  226
Roberto A. Rossi, Ana A. Satiago
Abstract | Buy this article 
15 Electrochemical methoxylation of aromatic compounds
Pages  227 -  247
Isidoro Barba
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16 Electron delocalization and reactivities in organic chemistry
Pages  249 -  259
Hiroshi Fujimoto
Abstract | Buy this article 
17 Conformations of some substituted porphyrins
Pages  261 -  277
Georgine M. Sanders, Marinus van Dijk, Henk C. van der Plas
Abstract | Buy this article 
18 Conformational effects in the dimetalation of hydrocarbons
Pages  279 -  287
Nancy S. Mills, Luis E. Martinez Jr., Danny L. Ramsey
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19 The issue of substituent-directed Baeyer-Villiger reaction 7-halo-ether-, and ester-substituted norbornan-2-ones
Pages  289 -  293
Grant R. Krow, Yoon B. Lee
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20 Quantitative analysis of medium effects on organic reactions in mixed aqueous media
Pages  295 -  313
Wilfried Blokzijl, Jan B. F. N. Engberts, Michael J. Blandamer
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21 Dicyclopenta (ef, kl) heptalene (Azupyrene). A nonbenzenoid, symmetric, tetracyclic, 16π-electron aromatic hydrocarbon
Pages  315 -  322
Arthur G. Anderson Jr.
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22 Organic solid state reactions
Pages  323 -  351
Fumio Toda
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