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Trends in Organic Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Organic Chemistry
Volume 9
Published in 2001
Table of Contents
1 Recent advances in the reactions of halocyclo and halopolycyclo alkanes by the SRN1 mechanism
Pages  1 -  16
Ana N. Santiago, Roberto A. Rossi, Sandra E. Martin
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2 Nitro compounds in asymmetric Michael Reactions
Pages  17 -  28
E. Roman, J. A. Serrano, M. V. Gil
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3 Stereocontrolled electrophilic additions on amide enolates employing (S, S)-(+)-pseudoephedrine as chiral auxiliary
Pages  29 -  52
Dolores Badia, Eneritz Anakabe, Jose L. Vicario, Luisa Carrillo, Monica Rodriguez
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4 The reactivity, synthesis and application of γ–hydroxy enones in organic synthesis
Pages  53 -  68
Dennis K. Taylor, Marc C. Kimber
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5 Discovery of antitumor and enzyme inhibitors from natural products
Pages  69 -  96
Khisal A. Alvi
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6 Thermochemical and kinetic studies of antioxidants
Pages  97 -  105
Gian Franco Pedulli, Marco Lucarini
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7 Chiral bidentate Lewis acids derived from 1, 8-naphthalenediylbis (dichloroborane) and N-toluenesulfonyl amino acids or diols
Pages  107 -  113
Michael Reilly, Taeboem Oh
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8 Tetrathiafulvalenes extended by a σ–bond framework: new π-electron donors for organic metals
Pages  115 -  128
Jun-ichi Yamada
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9 Contribution of the thionucleobase photochemistry to unravel the (6-4) DNA lesion formation and photolyase repair processes
Pages  129 -  136
Pascale Clivio
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