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Trends in Organic Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Organic Chemistry
Volume 13
Published in 2009
Table of Contents
1 Schmidt reaction of flavanone derivatives: Synthesis of benzoheterazepine derivatives
Pages  1 -  10
Malose J. Mphahlele
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2 Cadmium nitrate tetrahydrate: An efficient catalyst for one-pot synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-ones. Improved conditions for the Biginelli reaction
Original Communication
Pages  11 -  16
Davood Azarifar, Fatemeh Soleimanei, Kaveh Khosravi
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3 Network organising hydrogen bonding interactions in acrylic acid derivatives substituted by aromatic carbocycles and/or heteroaromatic groups
Pages  17 -  34
István Pálinkó
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4 An expeditious amidation of N, S-bis acylated-L-cysteine with less reactive aromatic amines
Original Communication
Pages  35 -  38
Gurav V. M., Vivekananda Reddy Mothukuri, Rakeshwar Bandichhor, Smita V. Anurkar
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5 A high yielding synthetic method for the selective deprotection of S-acetyl group in N, S-bis acylated L-cysteinyl Amides
Short Communication
Pages  39 -  40
Vivekananda Reddy Mothukuri, G. C. M. Kondaiah, Rakeshwar Bandichhor, V. M. Gurav
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6 Synthesis of phenol-formaldehyde oligomers bearing deoxycholic acid
Original Communication
Pages  41 -  44
Kazuaki Ito, Takeshi Ito, Toshiro Takasawa
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7 Role of the methoxy group in product formation via TiCl4 promoted 4-phenyldioxolane isomerisations
Original Communication
Pages  45 -  64
Ivan R. Green, Natasha October
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8 Tetroxanes: Structure and properties
Pages  65 -  74
Lydia N. Jorge, Eduardo A. Castro
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9 Green synthesis of bis-Biginelli esters, with vasodilatory effects, their mass spectrometric and physical studies
Original Communication
Pages  75 -  82
M. Olivia Noguez, Alejandro García, César Ibarra, Armando Cabrera, Juan M. Aceves, M. Inés Nicolas, René Miranda
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10 Benzylation of aromatic aldehydes mediated by Mn/CdCl2 in aqueous media
Original Communication
Pages  83 -  86
Cunliu Zhou, Aijuan Zhang, Haiying Chen, Pan Ma
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