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Trends in Organic Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Organic Chemistry
Volume 7
Published in 1998
Table of Contents
1 Polylithium synthons in organic synthesis: recent advances
Pages  1 -  26
Francisco Foubelo, Miguel Yus
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2 Installatìon of a side chain onto cyclopentadiene monoepoxide and 4-cyclopentene-1,3-diol derivatives
Pages  27 -  43
Yuichi Kobayashi
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3 A new aspect in electrophilic aromatic substitutions: intracomplex and conventional electrophilic aromatic substitutions in Gattermann-Koch formylation
Pages  45 -  61
Mutsuo Tanaka
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4 Recent development of Z-selective Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons reaction
Pages  63 -  73
Jiro Motoyoshiya
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5 Conformational analysis of amino acid tautomers
Pages  75 -  84
Allan D. Headley, Stephen D. Starnes
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6 Prototropic tautomerism in amidines
Pages  85 -  93
Ewa D. Raczyńska, Ryszard Gawinecki
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7 Superbases and superacids in the gas phase
Pages  95 -  103
Ewa D. Raczyńska, Michele Decouzon, Jean-Francois Gal, Pierre-Charles Maria, Krzysztof Woźniak, Rhio Kurg, Stuart N. Carins
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8 The use of the selenocarbonyl group both as a 77Se NMR reporter group and for stereoselective carbon-carbon bond generation
Pages  105 -  114
Ruilian Wu, Griselda Hernández, R. Bruce Dunlap, Jerome D. Odom, Rodolfo A. Martinez, L. A. Pete Silks
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9 Synthesis of stable isotope labeled nucleic acids and carbohydrates
Pages  115 -  121
Ryszard Michalczyk, Zizhong Li, Charles C. Orji, Ruilian Wu, Rodolfo A. Martinez, Clifford J. Unkefer, L. A. Pete Silks
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10 Diastereoselective approaches in the synthesis of γ-amino-β-hydroxy acids and related compounds
Pages  123 -  149
Joël Poncet, Patrick Jouin
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11 Polyammonium organic salts - syntheses and properties
Pages  151 -  157
JaimeLee I. Cohen, Robert Engel
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12 Consequences of 'internal solvation' in the gas phase
Pages  159 -  172
Ewa D. Raczyńska, Krzysztof Woźniak
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13 Quantitative studies on the activation by electron transfer
Pages  173 -  179
Xian-Man Zhang, Jin-Pei Cheng
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