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Trends in Organic Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Organic Chemistry
Volume 4 Issue 1
Published in 1993
Table of Contents
1 The electron transfer - mediated photochemistry of some unsaturated nitrogen - containing compounds
Pages  1 -  29
Diego Armesto, William M. Horspool, Mar G. Gallego, María J. Mancheño, María J. Ortiz, Ana Ramos
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2 H-phosphonates in oligonucleotide synthesis
Pages  31 -  67
Jacek Stawinski, Roger Strömberg
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3 Selective carriers of ammonium ions. Synthesis, structure and ionophoric properties of symmetric and asymmetric macrocyclic receptors of 3, 5-disubstituted pyrazole 18- and 36-membered
Pages  69 -  100
Pilar Navarro, María Isabel Rodriguez-Franco
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4 The tertiary amine N-oxides deprotonation
Pages  101 -  121
Georges Roussi
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5 Chemical communication using fluorescent chemosensors
Pages  123 -  138
Anthony W. Czarnik
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6 Carbonyl ylide formation from the rhodium catalyzed reaction of α-diazo ketones
Pages  139 -  160
Albert Padwa
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7 Gas-phase chemistry of carbonyl radical cations: Distonic ions and ion-neutral complexes
Pages  161 -  172
Guy Bouchoux
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8 Some recent results in the chemistry of ascidians (Tunicates)
Pages  173 -  183
Bernard Banaigs, Georges Combaut, Christian Francisco
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9 Stereoselective synthesis of carboxylic acid derivatives using carbodiimide
Pages  185 -  190
Keiki Kishikawa, Wongsiri Sankhavasi, Shigeo Kohmoto, Makoto Yamamoto, Kazutoshi Yamada
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10 Synthesis of glycosides and oligosaccharides by conventional and non-conventional methods
Pages  191 -  202
G. Russo, L. Panza
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11 Derivatives of 1,4,8,11-tetraoxacyclotetradecane for lithium-ion sensing and separation
Pages  203 -  213
Keiichi Kimura
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12 Electrochemical synthesis of diorganyl diselenides and ditellurides from elements selenium and tellurium
Pages  215 -  226
C. Degrand
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13 Use of aldonolactones in the synthesis of sugars of biological importance
Pages  227 -  235
Rosa M. de Lederkremer, Oscar Varela
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14 Alkyl group - selectivity in the oxidative N-Dealkylation of N-nitrosamines
Pages  237 -  243
Kitaro Yoshida, Yumihiko Yano
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15 The adducts of 2,5 - dihydro - 1H - phosphole 1-oxides with dichlorocarbene as versatile intermediates for P-heterocycles including ring expanded products
Pages  245 -  260
György Keglevich, László Töke
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16 Substituent effects on chemical shifts in the NMR spectra of side chain sites in styrenes
Pages  261 -  275
Carl D. Slater, Charles N. Robinson
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17 Reaction of vitamin E (α-tocopherol) and its model compound with potassium superoxide in aprotic solvent
Pages  277 -  289
Mitsuyoshi Matsuo, Shigenobu Matsumoto
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18 Application of photoinduced nucleophilic addition reaction to organic synthesis
Pages  291 -  302
Masahide Yasuda, Kensuke Shima
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19 Halogen hybride addition to alkenes and alkynes
Pages  303 -  333
Linda M. Mascavage, David R. Dalton
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20 Recent advances in the biosynthesis of flavins and deazaflavins
Pages  335 -  349
Adelbert Bacher, Wolfgang Eisenreich, Klaus Kis, Gerald Richter, Johannes Scheuring, Sevil Weinkauf
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21 Nitrogen-based chiral ligands in stereocontrolled organic synthesis
Pages  351 -  369
Massimo Falorni
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22 Synthesis of abscisic acid
Pages  371 -  378
Mauricio Gomes Constantino, Milton Beltrame Jr.
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23 Single electron transfer reactions of acetyl hypofluorite with organic compounds. Just a conceptual argument or reality?
Pages  379 -  395
Gerard W. M. Visser, Jacobus D. M. Herscheid
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24 Hydrolysis of the N-glycosidic bond of nucleosides and nucleotides
Pages  397 -  412
Mikko Oivanen, Jari Hovinen, Pertti Lehikoinen, Harri Lönnberg
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