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Trends in Photochemistry & Photobiology   Volumes
Trends in Photochemistry & Photobiology
Volume 11
Published in 2006
Table of Contents
1 Phylogenetical relationships among permeases and the membrane proteins in photosynthetic and respiratory systems
Pages  1 -  22
Jinya Otsuka, Yosuke Kawai
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2 Chlorophyll fluorescence analysis in Euglena gracilis: a survey on the use of a portable PAM fluorometer for photosynthesis studies in flagellate algae
Original Communication
Pages  23 -  32
Lorenzo Ferroni, Manfred Klisch, Simonetta Pancaldi, Donat-Peter Häder
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3 Diurnal changes in the composition of Mycosporine-like Amino Acids (MAA) in Corallina officinalis
Original Communication
Pages  33 -  44
Peter R. Richter, Rodrigo J. Gonçalves, Alejandra Marcoval, E. Walter Helbling, Donat-P. Häder
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4 Methanol and acetone soluble UV-absorbing pigments in lichens from Saudi Arabia
Original Communication
Pages  45 -  56
Peter R. Richter, Abdulkarim S. Ayash, Ibrahim A. Al-Araidh, Rajeshwar P. Sinha, Donat-P. Häder
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5 Sign change of phototaxis in Euglena gracilis
Original Communication
Pages  57 -  61
Peter R. Richter, Christine Streb, D.-P. Häder
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6 Fluorescence detection of human premalignant and malignant lesions
Pages  63 -  76
Barbara W. Chwirot, Stanisław Chwirot, Torla Hassan
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7 Photochemically induced microcirculation thrombosis as a cause of acute hearing loss
Pages  77 -  86
Satoshi Iwasaki, Mitsuyoshi Nagura, Shuji Ocho, Tamotsu Takeshita
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8 Photopolymerization of vinyl derivatives with various initiators
Pages  87 -  103
Bo-Hye Kim, So-Yeun Kim, Hee-Gweon Woo
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9 Effect of light quality on the content of chlorophylls, carotenoids and phytochrome in bryophytes
Original Communication
Pages  105 -  116
Bazyli Czeczuga, Ewa Czeczuga-Semeniuk, Adrianna Semeniuk
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