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Trends in Photochemistry & Photobiology   Volumes
Trends in Photochemistry & Photobiology
Volume 8
Published in 2001
Table of Contents
1 The spin-boson Hamiltonian - a resonance treatment. Applications to electron transfer reactions
Pages  1 -  36
Ion Dina, Lucian Georgescu, Michi-toshi Hayashi, Ovidius Tiberius Cheche, Sheng Hsien Lin
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2 Determination of the structural features of ordered peptides in solution: effect of interprobe orientation in FRET measurements
Pages  37 -  51
A. Palleschi, B. Pispisa, L. Stella, M. Venanzi
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3 UV-induced DNA damage and ultraweak photon emission in human fibroblastic skin cells: parameters to trigger intra- and extra-cellular photobiostimulation
Pages  53 -  65
Corinne Scaletta, Fritz-Albert Popp, Hugo J. Niggli, Lee Ann Applegate, Yan Yu
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4 Photocurrent generation from self-assembled monolayers of donor-acceptor pairs formed on conductive surfaces
Pages  67 -  85
Sunao Yamada, Tsuyoshi Akiyama
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5 Supramolecular effects on the photochromism of fulgides
Pages  87 -  96
Daoben Zhu, Fushi Zhang, Xinqi Song, Yingwu Tang, Zhixin Guo
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6 Photoantivirals in blood disinfection
Pages  97 -  106
Mark Wainwright
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7 Light-induced vascular reaction: mechanism and application
Pages  107 -  115
Makoto Kikuchi, Yuji Morimoto
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8 Ultraviolet-B radiation effects on cyanobacteria and the role of photoprotective compounds in mitigating UV-B toxicity
Pages  117 -  127
D.-P. Hader, R. P. Sinha
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9 Effect of UV radiation on marine macroalgae
Pages  129 -  136
Almut Groniger
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10 Effects of UV radiation on phytoplankton
Pages  137 -  143
Manfred Klisch
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11 Photosynthetic performance of marine macroalgae measured in patagonia on site
Pages  145 -  152
Donat-P. Häder, E. Walter Helbling, Michael Lebert
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12 Virus inactivation of stroma-free hemoglobin by photosensitization with 1,9-dimethylmethylene blue
Pages  153 -  158
Hideki Abe, Hiroshi Azuma, Hisami Ikeda, Junichi Hirayama, Kenji Ikebuchi
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13 Photodynamic treatment of multidrug resistant tumors: a new promising concept in cancer treatment?
Mini Review
Pages  159 -  166
A. G. Lopes, G. S. Trindade, L. S. Capella, M. A. M. Capella
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