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Trends in Photochemistry & Photobiology   Volumes
Trends in Photochemistry & Photobiology
Volume 3 Issue 1
Published in 1994
Table of Contents
1 Reactions of halogenoheterocyclic derivatives with arenes, arylalkenes, and arylalkynes
Pages  1 -  18
Maurizio D’Auria
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2 Excision-repair capacity in bacteria: Detection and conservation of the uvr - dependent system of Escherichia coli
Pages  19 -  28
Nicole Sicard, Anne-Marie Estevenon
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3 Phototransformation of phenolic derivatives in aqueous solution induced by excitation of nitrate or nitrite ions
Pages  29 -  38
Franck Machado, Pierre Boule
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4 Studies of polymer relaxation processes using luminescent probes
Pages  39 -  53
T. D. Z. Atvars, E. Sabadini, C. A. B. Elias, M. Talhavini, S. Martins-Franchetti
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5 The radiative transfer equation applied to photochemical reactors revisited
Pages  55 -  79
Alberto E. Cassano, Carlos A. Martin, Orlando M. Alfano
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6 Photoresponsive peptide and polypeptide systems XII: Induced CD and photoconversion of poly (L-lysine)-retinaldehyde complexes
Pages  81 -  90
Hiroyuki Yamamoto, Ayako Nishida
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7 Formation and decay of anthryloxy radicals produced via higher excited triplet nπ* states of nitroanthracenes (the 9-nitro, 9-benzoyl-10-nitro and 9-cyano-10-nitro compounds)
Pages  91 -  100
Kumao Hamanoue, Toshihiro Nakayama
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8 Wavelength sensitivity of photodegradation of polymer materials
Pages  101 -  115
Ayako Torikai
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9 Photophysics and photochemistry of betacarbolines
Pages  117 -  138
Manuel Balón, Maria A. Muñoz, Pilar Guardado, José Hidalgo, Carmen Carmona
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10 Recent developments in photocatalysis by polyoxometalates
Pages  139 -  143
E. Papaconstantinou
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11 Photophysics of amino-aromatic laser dyes
Pages  145 -  155
F. Lόpez Arbeloa, T. Lόpez Arbeloa, I. Lόpez Arbeloa
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12 Chemiluminescence in organized molecular assemblies
Pages  157 -  168
J. Nikokavouras
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13 Primary effects of photo-induced singlet oxygen on mitochondrial bioenergetics
Pages  169 -  174
Christian Salet, Giuliana Moreno
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14 Biological consequences of repair of UV - induced DNA damage
Pages  175 -  181
Daniel Yarosh, Jonathan Klein
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15 Absorption and emission spectra of some aromatic radical cations in perfluorocarbon matrix
Pages  183 -  200
T. Hikida, S. Ikematsu, Y. Kodera, T. Oomori
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16 Functional and structural aspects of the thylakoid lipids in oxygen evolution in photosystem II
Pages  201 -  210
M. Fragata, A. Menikh, E. K. Nénonéné
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17 Kinetics and thermodynamics of excimer formation. Excited state equilibria
Pages  211 -  227
Klaas A. Zachariasse
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18 Photoinduced surface immobilization of biomolecules
Pages  229 -  241
Gajendran Sundarababu, Hans Sigrist
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19 Fluorescence spectra of aromatic molecules during the sol-gel transition of metal alkoxides
Pages  243 -  260
Tsuneo Fujii
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20 Fluorescence behaviours of cationic xanthene dyes in solution, presence and organization of oppositively charged surfactants and phospholipids vesicles
Pages  261 -  306
Michel Deumié
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21 Light-biological system interaction : Mitochondria and isolated enzymes as light targets
Pages  307 -  317
Salvatore Passarella, Anna Atlante, Angela Ostuni, Donato Pastore, Ernesto Quagliariello
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22 Measurement of photosynthetic energy storage in thylakoid and sub-thylakoid preparations using photoacoustic spectroscopy
Pages  319 -  329
Robert Carpentier
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23 Surface photochemical reactions of large inorganic molecules
Pages  331 -  341
Ross H. Hill, S. L. Blair, C. W. Chu, M. Gao, C. I. Horvath, B. J. Palmer
Abstract | Buy this article 
24 Aspects of furocoumarin sensitization
Pages  343 -  350
Franco Bordin, Christine Marzano, Claudio Gatto
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25 Imino sulfonates as photoacid generators: Photochemistry and applications
Pages  351 -  359
Masamitsu Shirai, Masahiro Tsunooka
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