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Current Topics in Electrochemistry   Volumes
Current Topics in Electrochemistry
Volume 10
Published in 2004
Table of Contents
1 Electrochemical fluorination of molten fluorides containing HF with nickel and carbon anodes
Pages  1 -  36
Akimasa Tasaka
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2 Mechanistic studies of chalcogenide glass ion-selective electrodes
Pages  37 -  50
Bobby Pejcic, Roland De Marco
Abstract | Buy this article 
3 Ionic conductivity in chitosan-based membranes and application in electrochemical cells
Pages  51 -  62
A. K. Arof, Z. Osman, M. Z. A. Yahya
Abstract | Buy this article 
4 The application of pulsed electrochemistry to the detection of aminoglycoside antibiotics in liquid chromatography
Pages  63 -  70
E. Adams, J. Hoogmartens
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5 New developments in potential-controlled voltammetric techniques at mercury electrodes
Pages  71 -  87
María-Luisa Alcaraz, Isidoro Roca, Francisco Martínez-Ortiz
Abstract | Buy this article 
6 Recent applications of STM and AFM to electrochemistry and electrocatalysis
Pages  89 -  140
R. C. Salvarezza, A. J. Arvia
Abstract | Buy this article 
7 Dye-sensitized, nanostructured metal oxide photoelectrodes for solar energy conversion
Pages  141 -  162
Gerko Oskam
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8 Electrochemical carboxylation of alcohols. Synthesis of organic carbonates
Pages  163 -  169
Leucio Rossi
Abstract | Buy this article 
9 Novel polymer electrolytes based on the poly(trimethylenecarbonate) host matrix
Pages  171 -  177
M. J. Smith, M. M. Silva, S. Cerqueira Barros
Abstract | Buy this article 
10 Photoelectric properties of the solutions of dyes, biological pigments and pigment-protein complexes located in electrochemical cell
Pages  179 -  189
Danuta Frackowiak, Arkadiusz Ptak
Abstract | Buy this article 
11 Nano-hybridization of metal nitrides
Pages  191 -  196
Shinichi Kikkawa
Abstract | Buy this article 
12 Kinetic behavior of plasma degradation of cationic red in aqueous solution
Pages  197 -  201
Jinzhang Gao, Xiaoyan Wang, Zhongai Hu, Wu Yang
Abstract | Buy this article 
13 Determination of rifampicin based on the B-Z oscillating chemical reaction
Pages  203 -  209
Jinzhang Gao, Qizhi Li, Wu Yang, Xiuhui Liu, Jie Ren, Hua Yang
Abstract | Buy this article 
14 The surface electrochemistry of cyanide ion
Pages  211 -  223
Francisco Huerta, Emilia Morallón, José L. Vázquez
Abstract | Buy this article 
15 Mechanisms of electroluminescence in porous silicon
Pages  225 -  234
Jaime González Velasco
Abstract | Buy this article 
16 Electrochemically initiated vinyl polymerizations
Pages  235 -  248
A. Sezai Sarac
Abstract | Buy this article 
17 Electrocoating and characterization of carbazole acrylamide copolymer onto carbon fibers, and highly oriented pyrolytic graphite
Pages  249 -  264
A. Sezai Sarac
Abstract | Buy this article 
18 Polyfluorenes are good candidates as emitting materials in electroluminescent diodes
Pages  265 -  284
Joëlle Rault-Berthelot
Abstract | Buy this article 
19 Plasma induced degradation of phenanthrene in aqueous solution
Pages  285 -  289
Jinzhang Gao, Wu Yang, Yongjun Liu, Qian Ma, Quanfang Lu, Zhumin Wang, Lumei Pu, Jie Yu
Abstract | Buy this article 
20 Vop-spectroellipsometry and its application in electrochemistry
Mini Review
Pages  291 -  294
Z. Q. Huang, W. Zhu, S. F. Xie, S. T. Zhang, Y. R. Yang
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