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Current Topics in Electrochemistry   Volumes
Current Topics in Electrochemistry
Volume 21
Published in 2019
This is a complementary issue - Complimentary
Table of Contents
1 Review of the electrochemical deposition of an aluminum layer using aprotic solvents, old and new solvents, additives, and new technologies
Pages  1 -  20
Touya Kujime, Fuma Ando, Takao Gunji, Futoshi Matsumoto
Abstract | PDF
2 Transformation of porous nanostructure and self-ordering of anodic alumina films during potentiostatic anodising of aluminium
Original Article
Pages  21 -  39
G. Patermarakis, T. M. Triantis
Abstract | PDF
3 Direct current- and pulse-plated novel Sn-Fe-Co-Ni quaternary alloy electrodeposits
Original Article
Pages  41 -  62
E. Kuzmann, L. Sziráki, S. Stichleutner, Z. Homonnay, D. Zalka, G. B. Lak, M. El-Sharif, C. U. Chisholm
Abstract | Buy this article 
4 Technical review of the method of perpendicular pre-doping of Li+ ions into anodes in lithium ion capacitors and batteries
Pages  63 -  77
Tastsuya Watanabe, Takao Gunji, Nobuo Ando, Futoshi Matsumoto
Abstract | PDF
5 A new method for the determination of antimony
Short Communication
Pages  79 -  82
A. Manová, E. Beinrohr
Abstract | Buy this article 
6 Solderability assessment of galvanic coatings in electronics
Original Article
Pages  83 -  92
Vladimir L. Lanin, Aleksandr A. Niyakouski
Abstract | Buy this article 
7 Electrogenerated thin poly (threonine) film-modified carbon nanotube paste electrode for the simultaneous resolution of dopamine and uric acid
Original Article
Pages  93 -  105
Chenthattil Raril, Jamballi G. Manjunatha
Abstract | Buy this article 
8 Buffers of formate, acetate and citrate of known ionic strength
Original Article
Pages  107 -  117
Piyawan Phansi, Carlos Mongay, Víctor Cerdà
Abstract | Buy this article 
9 Seriatim methods in the operando surface electrochemical studies of carbon monoxide reduction at selected well-defined copper surfaces
Pages  119 -  130
Jack H. Baricuatro, Youn-Geun Kim
Abstract | Buy this article 
10 Electrosynthesized transition metal chalcogenide thin films for photoelectrochemical cell applications
Original Article
Pages  131 -  150
T. Joseph Sahaya Anand, Shariza Binti Sharir, Saiful Izwan Abd Razak
Abstract | Buy this article 


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