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Current Topics in Electrochemistry   Volumes
Current Topics in Electrochemistry
Volume 5
Published in 1997
Table of Contents
1 Electrochemical behaviour of simple organic compounds on platinum single crystal electrodes
Pages  1 -  19
E. Morallón, F. Huerta, F. Cases, J. L. Vázquez, A. Aldaz
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2 Electrochemical behavior and electrodeposition of some rare metals in molten salts
Pages  21 -  36
Dawei Wei, Masazumi Okido
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3 Nuclear transmutation occurring in the electrolysis on several metal electrodes
Pages  37 -  70
T. Ohmori, T. Mizuno
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4 Anodic oxidation of organics on thermally prepared oxide electrodes
Pages  71 -  91
György Fóti, Didier Gandini, Christos Comninellis
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5 A model approach for the clarification of size effects of ultrafine noble metal electrocatalysts supported on carbon substrates
Pages  93 -  117
Yoshio Takasu, Xiao-Gang Zhang
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6 Electrical behaviour of different inorganic and organo-inorganic films (uranyl phosphate and uranyl phenylphosphonate films) in electrolyte media by ac and dc measurements: a review
Pages  119 -  129
J. Benavente, J. R. Ramos Barrado, A. Cabeza, S. Bruque, M. Martinez
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7 Corrosion and passivation of aluminium and aluminium alloys in aqueous solutions
Pages  131 -  166
W. A. Badawy, F. M. Al-Kharafi, A. S. El-Azab
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8 Electrochemical cleavage of the carbon-halogen bond in aromatic compounds
Pages  167 -  181
M. Borsari, C. Fontanesi, G. Gavioli
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9 Electrodeposition of conducting polymers on a flow-through pulsed granular electrode - process study and material properties
Pages  183 -  202
Nadine Le Bolay, Alain Ricard
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10 A new cation doping method - solid oxide electrochemical doping (SOED)
Mini Review
Pages  203 -  208
Yasumichi Matsumoto
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