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Current Topics in Electrochemistry   Volumes
Current Topics in Electrochemistry
Volume 6
Published in 1998
Table of Contents
1 Catalytic reduction of organohalogen compounds with electrogenerated homogeneous-phase and polymer-bound cobalt (I) and nickel (I) salen
Pages  1 -  31
Kent S. Alleman, Michael J. Samide, Dennis G. Peters, Mohammad S. Mubarak
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2 A review on the corrosion and corrosion inhibition of cadmium in aqueous solutions
Pages  33 -  73
W. A. Badawy, F. M. Al-Kharafi
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3 Oscillation phenomena in electrochemical systems Characterization and application of electrical oscillations in polypyrrole membranes
Pages  75 -  95
Yukihiro Sugiyama, Masahiro Iseki
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4 Application of electrochemical processes and electroanalytical methods in textile chemistry
Pages  97 -  110
T. Bechtold, E. Burtscher, O. Bobleter
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5 Heterogeneous kinetics and electroanalytical determinations by using conventional size electrodes as well as ultramicroelectrodes
Pages  111 -  137
Héctor Fernández, María Alicia Zón
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6 Electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide in methanol
Pages  139 -  147
Kiyohisa Ohta, Satoshi Kaneco, Takayuki Mizuno
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7 A review on the electrochemical behaviour of brass alloys in tap water and aqueous solutions
Pages  149 -  173
W. A. Badawy, F. M. Al-Kharafi, A. S. El-Azab
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8 Recent advances in the derivatization of electrode surfaces with structures incorporating crown ether groups
Pages  175 -  187
Bruno Fabre, Jacques Simonet
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9 Platinum nanoparticles on graphite
Pages  189 -  197
Kwong-Yu Chan, Ning Chi, David Lee Phillips
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10 Pulse-electrolysis stopped-flow method for spectroscopic analyses of electrogenerated species
Pages  199 -  212
Satoshi Okazaki, Munetaka Oyama
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11 Surface analytical investigations of the electrochemical double layer on silver electrodes in alkaline media
Mini Review
Pages  213 -  220
Dirk Lützenkirchen-Hecht, Hans-Henning Strehblow
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12 Copper corrosion impedance data and its validation using Kramers-Kronig equations
Pages  221 -  227
J. L. Polo, C. L. Torres, J. M. Bastidas, E. M. Mora
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