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Current Topics in Electrochemistry   Volumes
Current Topics in Electrochemistry
Volume 9
Published in 2003
Table of Contents
1 PVDF-based gels as electrolytes in lithium batteries
Pages  1 -  26
E. Quartarone, P. Mustarelli, C. Tomasi, A. Magistris, Y. Saito, H. Kataoka
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2 Electrochemical behavior of arenediazonium salts. New trends and applications
Pages  27 -  46
Carlos Bravo-Díaz, Elisa Gonzalez Romero
Abstract | Buy this article 
3 Simulation of dynamic electrochemical processes
Pages  47 -  91
William Breen, John Cassidy
Abstract | Buy this article 
4 Fundamentals and applications of near infrared spectroscopy in electrochemistry
Pages  93 -  104
Ahmed Abd-Elwahed, Rudolf Holze
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5 Nanocrystalline metal hydride electrode materials
Pages  105 -  116
M. Jurczyk
Abstract | Buy this article 
6 Synthetic, electro- and photo-chemistry of phthalocyanine derivatives and analogous for the latest function
Pages  117 -  156
Keiichi Sakamoto, Eiko Ohno-Okumura
Abstract | Buy this article 
7 Dye-sensitized solar cells: optimization of the cell components
Pages  157 -  163
Polycarpos Falaras
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8 Electroanalytical chemistry with microelectrodes in organic media
Pages  165 -  176
P. Yáñez- Sedeño, J. M. Pingarrón
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9 Electrocatalytic reduction of nitro, nitroso compounds and dioximes on UPD ad-atom modified electrodes
Pages  177 -  195
Georgios Kokkinidis, Georgios Papanastasiou
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10 Metallophthalocyanines as electrocatalysts for the detection of nitrate, nitrite and nitric oxide
Pages  197 -  206
Tebello Nyokong
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11 Electrochemical synthesis and N-acylation of oxazolidin-2-ones: recent developments
Pages  207 -  212
Marta Feroci
Abstract | Buy this article 
12 Flattening of structural and engineering metals on an atomic scale
Short Communication
Pages  213 -  218
Hiroshi Nanjo, Huihua Deng, Ikuo Ishikawa, Yoshiaki Kurata, Norio Sanada
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13 Carrier generation and dynamics in porous silicon
Short Communication
Pages  219 -  220
Bassam Alfeeli, Khaled Habib
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