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Current Topics in Electrochemistry   Volumes
Current Topics in Electrochemistry
Volume 3 Issue 2
Published in 1994
Table of Contents
1 3-volt and 4-volt cathodes for rechargeable lithium and lithium-ion batteries
Pages  293 -  311
Gianfranco Pistoia
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2 Electrochemistry of metalloproteins
Pages  313 -  328
Roberto Santucci, Alessandra Picciau, Luigi Campanella, Maurizio Brunori
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3 Electrochemical and spectroscopy studies of electrochemically grown iridium oxides
Pages  329 -  337
J. E. Ferrer, S. Borrós, Ll. Victori
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4 Characterization of a novel electroanalytical cell for trace metal ions and hormones by accumulations at a mercury electrode
Pages  339 -  348
Chaim N. Yarnitzky, Mirit Rosenzveig
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5 Cavity in metal (hohlraum) limited-radiation effect and law
Pages  349 -  355
Roman E. Sioda
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6 Photoelectrochemical studies of passive films and corrosion layers on metals
Pages  357 -  385
F. Di Quarto, S. Piazza, C. Sunseri
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7 Electrochemical behaviour of Pt single crystals in alkaline media
Pages  387 -  408
A. Aldaz, E. Morallón, J. L. Vázquez
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8 Electrochromism of conductive polymer blends
Pages  409 -  421
Marco-A. De Paoli, Rosa C. D. Peres, Eliana A. R. Duek
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9 The study of the electrochemical interface by surface conductance
Pages  423 -  440
R. I. Tucceri, D. Posadas
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10 Mechanistic aspects of the electrochemical reduction of activated carbon-carbon double bonds. The case of the indene derivatives
Pages  441 -  457
Giuseppe Farnia, Giancarlo Sandonà, Franco Marcuzzi
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11 Electrochemistry and metal containing polymers; new synthetic approaches and possible developments
Pages  459 -  477
P. Audebert
Abstract | Buy this article 
12 Amperometric biosensors with redox polymer bound enzymes
Pages  479 -  491
Maja Elmgren, Sten-Eric Lindquist
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13 Trends in electrochemistry in drug analysis
Pages  493 -  515
J.-C. Viré, J.-M. Kauffmann
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14 High temperature electrochemistry of materials used in nuclear plants steam generators
Pages  517 -  529
T. Jaszay, N. Penneron, J. P. Frayret
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15 Application of ionically conductive polymers of perflurosulfonic acid coatings and menbranes in solid-state electrochemistry
Pages  531 -  543
R. Harth, D. Ozer, J. Hayon, R. Ydgar, A. Bettelheim
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16 Electrochemical devices in the study of species and processes involved in photosynthesis
Pages  545 -  552
A. Agostiano, P. Cosma, M. Trotta, M. Della Monica
Abstract | Buy this article 
17 Identification in electrochemistry
Pages  553 -  567
Ruben H. Milocco, Silvina I. Biagiola
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