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Trends in Entomology   Volumes
Trends in Entomology
Volume 16
Published in 2020
This is a complementary issue - Complimentary
Table of Contents
1 Biofabrication with insect cells
Pages  1 -  17
Natalie R. Rubio, Naya E. McCartney, Barry A. Trimmer, David L. Kaplan
Abstract | PDF
2 The beetle (Coleoptera) fauna of an abandoned exercise field in south Sweden
Original Article
Pages  19 -  30
Germund Tyler
Abstract | PDF
3 Use of rice husk ash and fresh orange rind and their binary combinations to control Sitophilus zeamais on maize
Original Article
Pages  31 -  42
Divine Nsobinenyui, Eric B. Fokam, Nelson N. Ntonifor
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4 Connection between interplanetary magnetic field and the light-trap catch of moth species
Short Communication
Pages  43 -  47
L. Nowinszky, J. Puskás, M. Kiss
Abstract | Buy this article 
5 Relative abundance of Aedes ssp. in cemeteries of Olinda, Pernambuco: 2007-2008
Short Communication
Pages  49 -  55
Adriana Mendes Silva, Jean Carlos Ramos Silva, Claudenice Pontes Andrade, Daniela Bandeira Anastácio, Rosângela Maria Rodrigues Barbosa
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6 Association of a predatory mite with galls of rosette bud mite (Acari: Phytoptidae)
Short Communication
Pages  57 -  61
Logan Williams, Fred P. Hain
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7 New or little known Osphryon species from Sulawesi, Sangihe and Papua State of Indonesia (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Prioninae)
Original Article
Pages  63 -  70
Ziro Komiya
Abstract | PDF
8 Isolation of entomopathogenic microorganisms from soil: study of the pathogenicity of an Aspergillus strain and its toxins against Galleria mellonella
Original Article
Pages  71 -  87
Hakima Oulebsir-MohandKaci, Farida Benzina-Tihar, Abdenacer Reghmit, Sadjia Lahiani, Arezki Mohammedi, Khadidja Salhi, Widad Salhi
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