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Current Topics in Colloid & Interface Science   Volumes
Current Topics in Colloid & Interface Science
Volume 1
Published in 1997
Table of Contents
1 Unusual effects of polymer bridging on the suspension rheology
Pages  1 -  15
Yasufumi Otsubo
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2 Membrane distillation
Pages  17 -  29
Juan I. Mengual, Luis Peña
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3 The adsorption behavior of different bile salt species on solids in water - in connection with evaluation of effective hydrophobicity, solubilization and adsorptive mechanism
Pages  31 -  50
Gohsuke Sugihara, Yasushi Sasaki
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4 Activated carbons from coals and agricultural by-products as adsorbents in aqueous phase: Preparation, characterization and adsorption of phenolic compounds under static and dynamic conditions
Pages  51 -  67
J. Rivera-Utrilla, C. Moreno-Castilla, M. V. López-Ramón, F. Carrasco-Marín, M. A. Ferro-García
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5 Evaporation technique for nanocolloidal systems - its feature and versatility
Pages  69 -  98
Keisaku Kimura
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6 Adsorption of F(ab')2 anti-human immunoglobulin G onto plasma-polymerized allylamine film and application of the film to immunoassay
Pages  99 -  108
Makoto Muratsugu, Shigeru Kurosawa, Naoki Kamo
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7 The interaction of bovine serum albumin with sodium dodecyl sulfate: binding of the surfactant and conformational change of the protein induced by the binding
Pages  109 -  135
Kunio Takeda, Yoshiko Moriyama
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8 Glassy carbons for application in selective adsorption
Pages  137 -  155
M. Domingo-Garcia, I. Fernández-Morales, F. J. López-Garzón, C. Moreno-Castilla
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9 Kinetic studies in micellar media
Pages  157 -  167
María Luisa Moyá, María del Mar Graciani, Amalia Rodríguez, Gaspar Fernández, María Múñoz
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10 Recent advances in the kinetic and dynamic properties of colloidal crystals
Pages  169 -  193
Tsuneo Okubo
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11 Structure, morphology and degradation of poly(α-hydroxy acid)s microspheres in relation with monolayers
Pages  195 -  224
J. E. Proust, F. Boury, P. Saulnier, J. P. Benoît, I. Panaïotov, Tz. Ivanova
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12 Formation of CdS nanoparticles in aqueous solution and electronic states of quantized semiconductor particles
Pages  225 -  233
Yoshio Nosaka
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13 Kinetics of adsorption-desorption of metal ions, amino acids, and protein on ion-exchange Sephadex
Short Communication
Pages  235 -  241
Kazuaki Hachiya, Yoshiko Moriyama, Kunio Takeda
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