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Current Topics in Colloid & Interface Science   Volumes
Current Topics in Colloid & Interface Science
Volume 2
Published in 1997
Table of Contents
1 Several topics concerning the surfactant molecular complex formation: the important clues to reconsideration to the theory of solubilization and some applications
Pages  1 -  35
Hirotaka Hirata
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2 Characterisation of structure of aggregates using small angle light scattering
Pages  37 -  51
R. Amal, G. Bushell
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3 Chemico-physical and biological properties of gemini surfactants
Pages  53 -  68
E. Fisicaro, C. Compari, B. Róøycka-Roszak, G. Viscardi, P. L. Quagliotto
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4 Surface and colloidal properties of local anesthetic solutions
Pages  69 -  82
Hitoshi Matsuki, Hiromu Satake, Shoji Kaneshina, P. R. Krishna, Issaku Ueda
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5 Phase behavior and intersurface forces of self-assembling polymer-lipid systems
Pages  83 -  93
A. K. Kenworthy, T. J. McIntosh, K. Hristova
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6 Tailoring of reverse-micellar systems for separation of proteins
Pages  95 -  109
Makoto Harada, Motonari Adachi, Akihisa Shioi
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7 Brownian dynamics, hydrodynamics and colloidal dynamics
Pages  111 -  129
lan Snook
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8 Electro-optics of colloid-polyelectrolyte suspensions
Pages  131 -  142
Tsetska Radeva
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9 Rheological properties of special fluid interfaces
Pages  143 -  153
K. -D. Wantke
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10 Liquid and solid colloidal therapeutic systems
Pages  155 -  171
Maria Rosa Gasco
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11 Micellization of 2-butoxyethanol in water
Mini Review
Pages  173 -  180
D. Blidaru, G. Onori, A. Santucci
Abstract | Buy this article 
12 Role of hydrophobic effect on the micellization process and on the unfolding of proteins and nucleic acids
Mini Review
Pages  181 -  187
G. Onori, A. Santucci
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