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Current Topics in Colloid & Interface Science   Volumes
Current Topics in Colloid & Interface Science
Volume 6
Published in 2003
Table of Contents
1 Influence of the subphase nature and the preparation conditions on the Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett films architecture, homogeneity, and properties
Pages  1 -  41
Pilar Cea, Santiago Martín, Carlos Lafuente, M. Carmen López, Félix M. Royo
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2 Equilibrium adsorption of Keggin heteropolyacids on different supports
Pages  43 -  60
P. I. Villabrille, L. R. Pizzio, P. G. Vázquez, C. V. Cáceres, M. N. Blanco
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3 Polyaphron and its applications in environmental remediation and materials synthesis
Pages  61 -  73
Kalliat T. Valsaraj, Raghunathan Ravikrishna, A. Gordon, Mary Cain
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4 Experimental and quantum chemical study of heterogeneous photocatalysis: photocatalytic reduction of sulfur-containing compounds by Ag-cluster loaded TiO2
Pages  75 -  85
Hiroaki Tada, Hisayoshi Kobayashi
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5 Separation of Cs+ ions on zinc ferrocyanide column as a simple and new techniques
Pages  87 -  97
Essam S. Zakaria
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6 Determination of the fractal dimension of aggregates of micron size particles
Pages  99 -  106
Emile Pefferkorn
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7 Sorption of nonpolar organic chemicals on marine sediments
Pages  107 -  111
Gui-Peng Yang, Xue-Kun Zhao
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8 Assembly of functional molecules using Langmuir-Blodgett technique
Pages  113 -  119
Li-Mei Xu, Xiao Chen, Kong-Zhang Yang
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9 New latex derivated from various amphiphilic functionalized polynorbornenes: conception, characterization and biological applications
Pages  121 -  129
Isabelle Rico-Lattes, Saadia Asgatay, Emile Perez, Sophie Franceschi-Messant, Patricia Vicendo
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10 A study of membrane/electrolyte solution interface by tangential streaming potential measurements: effect of different ions and chemical modification (hydration) of membrane surface
Pages  131 -  141
M. J. Ariza, J. Benavente
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11 Catalysts of Pt deposited on SiO2 AlPO4 and mixed systems. Application to the dehydrogenation of cyclohexane and methylcyclohexane
Short Communication
Pages  143 -  147
María A. Aramendía, Victoriano Borau, César Jiménez, José M. Marinas, A. Moreno, José R. Ruiz, Francisco J. Urbano
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12 Nanoparticle gold application in biomimetic technology
Pages  149 -  157
Tao Liu, Zhan Fang Ma, Long Jiang
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13 Selectivity modification of some alkali metal ions on silicon antimonate as cation exchanger
Short Communication
Pages  159 -  165
G. M. Ibrahim, B. El-Gammal, I. M. El-Naggar
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14 The electric double-layer interaction force and energy between two parallel plates
Pages  167 -  177
Wang Haoping, Luo Genxiang, Hou Chuangye, Jin Jun
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15 The electronic structure and bonding of hydrogen pairs and other impurities at grain boundaries
Pages  179 -  185
S. B. Gesari, M. E. Pronsato, A. Juan
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