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Current Topics in Peptide & Protein Research   Volumes
Current Topics in Peptide & Protein Research
Volume 1 Issue 2
Published in 1994
Table of Contents
1 Liquid phase peptide synthesis
Pages  231 -  247
Bahram Hemmasi
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2 Polyglycine: A model for the study of conformational properties in proteins
Pages  249 -  259
C. Dolcet, M. P. Tarazona
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3 Thermal gelation of globular proteins
Pages  261 -  273
S. D. Arntfield
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4 Structural modification and conformational features of chemotactic N-formylpeptides
Pages  275 -  295
E. Gavuzzo, G. Lucente, F. Mazza, G. Pagani Zecchini, M. Paglialunga Paradisi, G. Pochetti, I. Torrini
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5 A common structural feature enclosing interaction sites: Prediction of protein-protein interaction sites and development of potent bioactive peptides
Pages  297 -  311
R. Manjunatha Kini, Herbert J. Evans
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6 Molecular architecture of peptide self-assembly system
Pages  313 -  324
Yukio Imanishi, Shunsaku Kimura, Tatsuro Tsuchimoto
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7 New aspects in enzymatic peptide synthesis
Pages  325 -  331
René Lazaro, Valérie Rolland-Fulcrand
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8 Structural and pharmacological diversity of scorpion neurotoxins
Pages  333 -  344
H. Darbon, J.-M. Sabatier
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9 Deamidation of asparagine and isomerization of aspartic acid residues via succinimide derivatives : Kinetic and structural studies on small peptides
Pages  345 -  373
Sante Capasso, Domenico Demasi, Adriana Zagari
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10 1H-NMR investigation of the interaction of the neuro-hypophyseal hormones oxytocin and lysine vasopressin with human serum albumin. A possible role for calcium ions
Pages  375 -  385
Maurizio Delfini, Elena Gaggelli, Gianni Valensin
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11 Interactions of myelin basic protein with simple lipids
Pages  387 -  408
George L. Mendz
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12 Opioid peptides-mediated neuroimmune interactions
Pages  409 -  419
L. Giorgio Roda, Lucilla Bongiorno, Alessandra Urbani, Mario Marini
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13 Ecballium elaterium trypsin inhibitor II, a model for the design of new microproteins and for the study of their folding pathway
Pages  421 -  439
Le Nguyen Dung
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14 Biological activity of native BLV proteinase and C-terminal truncated BLV and HTLV-I proteinases
Pages  441 -  452
G. Précigoux, S. Llido, R. Léonard, B. Guillemain, A. Ménard, T. Candresse, O. Le Gall
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15 Chloroplastic malate dehydrogenase: Function, molecular properties and structure
Pages  453 -  464
Benigno Jorge Mayoral, Monteserrat Sánchez, Albert Dordal, Josep Lluís Gelpí, Santiago Imperial, Antonio Cortés
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16 The mechanism of thermoadaptation in thermophilic proteins: Concepts and perspectives
Pages  465 -  474
Giovanni Colonna, Angelo Facchiano, Paola Stiuso, Raffaele Ragone
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