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Current Topics in Peptide & Protein Research   Volumes
Current Topics in Peptide & Protein Research
Volume 3
Published in 1999
Table of Contents
1 Intracellular low-molecular-mass proteins that bind small ligands:calgranulins, fatty acid-and acyl-CoA-binding proteins
Pages  1 -  18
José A. Santomé, Santiago M. Di Pietro, Esteban C. Dell’Angelica, Brian M. Cavagnari, Osvaldo L. Córdoba
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2 Structural organization of hemocyanin from lobster Homarus americanus and spectroscopic studies of the native protein and structural subunits
Pages  19 -  36
Pavlina Dolashka-Angelova, Stanka Stoeva, Rumijana Hristova, Juergen Schuetz, Mariano Beltramini, Benedetto Salvato, Heinz Schwartz, Wolfgang Voelter
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3 Structural investigation of a pro-region derived peptide substrate and an inhibitor of Proprotein Convertases PC1 and furin using NMR and molecular modeling studies
Pages  37 -  49
Ajoy Basak, Phan Viet Minh Tan, Hermann Dugas, Claude Lazure
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4 Synthetic peptides as substrates or inhibitors of non-receptor protein tyrosine kinases
Pages  51 -  65
Paolo Ruzza, Arianna Donella Deana, Andrea Calderan, Barbara Biondi, Luca Cesaro, Lorenzo A. Pinna, Giaofranco Borin
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5 Soluble plasma factors in demyelinating neuropathies
Pages  67 -  78
L. Giorgio Roda, Marina Marzano, Mario Marini
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6 Membrane-perturbing and -fusogenic activities of amphiphilic halical peptides and their usage in gene delivery systems into cells
Pages  79 -  89
Haruhiko Aoyagi, Takuro Niidome
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7 Structural and dynamical properties of the folded state of apomyoglobin under denaturing conditions
Pages  91 -  100
Ettore Bismuto, Gaetano Irace
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8 An analysis of calorimetric data on mesophilic proteins and its implications for stability to elevated temperatures
Pages  101 -  109
Angelo M. Facchiano, Giovanni Colonna, Raffaele Ragone
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9 Peptide immunogens in model membranes: monolayers and liposomes
Pages  111 -  121
I. Haro, C. Mestres, F. Reig, M. A. Alsina
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10 Food protein derived peptides as possible disease causing agents
Examples from schizophrenia and autism

Pages  123 -  135
K. -L. Reichelt, A. R. Seim
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11 Multiple catalytic protease-structure, function and enzymatic properties - a short review
Pages  137 -  152
Ajoy Basak, Sarmistha Basak, Michel Chrétien
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12 Synthetic primary amphipathic peptides as tools for the cellular import of drugs and nucleic acids
Mini Review
Pages  153 -  162
Laurent Chaloin, May C. Morris, Nicole Van Mau, Jean Méry, Gilles Divita, Frédéric Heitz
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13 Biological activities of elastin peptides
Mini Review
Pages  163 -  171
F. Bisaccia, A. Ostuni, A. M. Tamburro
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14 Use of an engineered His-tag to improve the purification of recombinant wild-type and modified pig heart cytosolic malate dehydrogenase
Mini Review
Pages  173 -  180
Francisca Trejo, Josep Lluís Gelpí, Monterrat Busquets, Antoni Cortés
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15 Modulation of protease activity by NO-mediated S-nitrosylation
Mini Review
Pages  181 -  188
Paolo Ascenzi, Marco Colasanti, Tiziana Persichini, Fabio Polticelli, Giorgio Venturini, Fabrizio Bortolotti, Enea Menegatti
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