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Trends in Heterocyclic Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Heterocyclic Chemistry
Volume 7
Published in 2001
Table of Contents
1 A formal [3 + 3] cycloaddition strategy for synthesis of heterocycles
Pages  1 -  24
Heather M. Sklenicka, Hong C. Shen, Lin-Li Wei, Luke R. Zehnder, Michael J. McLaughlin, Richard P. Hsung
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2 Cycloaddition reactions of azaazulenes
Pages  25 -  39
Noritaka Abe
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3 Oligostilbenes from Vitaceaeous plants
Pages  41 -  54
Niwa Masatake, Takaya Yoshiaki
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4 β-Functionalised α,α’-conjugated oligothiophenes with alkylsulfanyl groups: synthesis and characterisation
Pages  55 -  64
A. Mucci, C. Zanardi, F. Parenti, L. Schenetti
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5 Synthesis and antimalarial activity of febrifugine
Pages  65 -  74
Takashi Harayama, Yasuo Takeuchi
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6 The cross-coupling reaction with indolylborate and its application to indole alkaloid synthesis
Pages  75 -  89
Minoru Ishikura
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7 Novel chemistry of 5-methylene-substituted 1,3-dioxane-4,6-dione derivatives
Pages  91 -  106
Kunio Sugiyama, Takashi Tsuno
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8 Application of α-carbonyl thioformamides for synthesis of heterocyclic compounds
Pages  107 -  116
Jian-Ping Zou, Ke-Qian Chen, Run-Sheng Zeng, Zhong-E Lu
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9 Recent advances in the synthesis of aromatic condensed N-heterocycles using Pummerer-type intramolecular cyclization reaction
Pages  117 -  142
Takehiro Sano
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10 Synthesis of five-membered heterocyclic compounds using 1,3-dipolar reagents
Pages  143 -  161
Yoshinori Tominaga, Shinya Kohra
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11 Asymmetric synthesis of hydroxylactones and epoxyesters via microbiological biotransformation of carbonyl compounds
Mini Review
Pages  163 -  167
Didier Buisson
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12 First hydrolysis of a tertiary nitroalkane in indole series
Short Communication
Pages  169 -  173
Maxime D. Crozet, Michel P. Crozet, Mustapha Kaafarani, Patrice Vanelle
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