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Current Topics in Analytical Chemistry   Volumes
Current Topics in Analytical Chemistry
Volume 3
Published in 2002
Table of Contents
1 Analytical procedures to separate polyamines: a review
Pages  1 -  23
Blanca Fontaniella, C. Vicente, María-Estrella Legaz
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2 Application of oblique rotational factor analysis with partially non-negative constraints to extraction of ionic pollutant sources from precipitation (rain, snow and fog) of Japan
Pages  25 -  40
Toru Ozeki, Toshinobu Okada, Tetsuya Adzuhata, Nobuaki Ogawa, Masahiro Kajikawa
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3 Analytical characteristics of electrothermal atomic absorption spectroscopy
Pages  41 -  53
A. J. Aller
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4 Flow immunoelectrochemical devices
Pages  55 -  68
M. T. Fernández-Abedul, C. Fernández-Sánchez, M. B. González-García, A. Costa-García
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5 Aptamers (nucleic acid ligands) for trypsin-like serine proteases: finding the enzyme's Achilles heel
Pages  69 -  81
Satoshi Nishikawa, Joonsung Hwang, Hamid Fauzi, Kotaro Fukuda, Fumiko Nishikawa, Nobuko Kakiuchi
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6 Electrochemical detection based on sol-gel carbon composite electrodes for capillary electrophoresis
Pages  83 -  93
S. N. Tan, L. Hua
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7 Medical applications of infrared lasers
Pages  95 -  104
Kunio Awazu, Yuko Fukami
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8 Methods for correction of spectral interferences in inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
Pages  105 -  114
Zhanxia Zhang, Xiaoguo Ma
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9 'Neutralization' reaction in the gas phase (present and future)
Mini Review
Pages  115 -  123
Ewa D. Raczynska, Jean-Francois Gal, Pierre-Charles Maria
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10 Acid-base equilibria in polyfunctional compounds
Mini Review
Pages  125 -  134
Ewa D. Raczyńska, Malgorzata Darowska, Tomasz Rudka, Elżbieta Górnicka
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11 Fluorescent chemosensors by excimer or exciplex emission for metal ions
Pages  135 -  143
Jun Kawakami, Shoei Ito
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12 Analysis of Maillard reaction products in food using tetrazolium salt XTT
Pages  145 -  155
Tomoko Shimamura, Hiroyuki Ukeda, Masayoshi Sawamura
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13 Trends in metal-binding proteins analysis using capillary electrophoresis
Pages  157 -  191
H. Stutz, G. Bordin, A. R. Rodriguez
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14 Abnormal behavior of enantiomers during the chiral separation in high performance liquid chromatography
Pages  193 -  204
Masahiko Okamoto
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15 Analytical applications of immobilized metalloporphyrins
Mini Review
Pages  205 -  211
Viviana Campo Dall'Orto, Alfredo Lo Balbo, Julio Miguel Vago, Irene Rezzano
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16 Thermo-Raman spectroscopy for in situ dynamic thermal analysis
Pages  213 -  231
Hua Chang, Ramaswamy Murugan
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17 Recent progress in immobilized enzyme-based reagentless electrochemical biosensors
Pages  233 -  251
Chunhai Fan, Genxi Li, Dexu Zhu
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18 Analytical applications of resonance light scattering technique
Pages  253 -  268
Cheng Zhi Huang, Yuan Fang Li, Wei Lu, Chuan Xiao Yang
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