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Trends in Applied Spectroscopy   Volumes
Trends in Applied Spectroscopy
Volume 3
Published in 2001
Table of Contents
1 A review on the application of multielement inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroanalysis to trace metal speciation in sediments and soils
Pages  1 -  13
Daniel A. Batistoni, Monica B. Alvarez, Monica E. Malla
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2 Unconventional applications of spectroscopy in the fuels field
Pages  15 -  24
Tiziana Zerlia
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3 Quantitative analysis in diffuse reflectance infrared spectrometry: thiocyanate levels in miswak aqueous extracts
Pages  25 -  33
A. A. Christy, I. A. Darout, N. Skaug
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4 Simultaneous detection of aromatic molecules in a mixture by mass analyzed resonant two-photon ionization spectroscopy
Pages  35 -  56
Wen-Bih Tzeng
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5 Fourier transform infrared imaging: a new spectroscopic tool for microscopic analyses of biological tissue
Pages  57 -  71
Ira W. Levin, Rohit Bhargava
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6 Raman scattering in cuprate-based high-Tc superconductors:Raman-active phonons and their doping dependences
Pages  73 -  102
Masato Kakihana, Minoru Osada
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7 FTIR - spectroscopy of soils - characterization of soil dynamic processes
Pages  103 -  109
G. Haberhauer, M. H. Gerzabek
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8 Progress in reflectometry and reflection spectra analysis of liquids
Pages  111 -  131
Jukka Raty, Kai-Erik Peiponen
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9 The application of reflectance difference spectroscopy in condensed matter physics
Pages  133 -  144
Z. Yang
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10 Applications of electron momentum spectroscopy in the study of matter
Pages  145 -  180
M. J. Brunger, H. E. Dorsett, M. J. Ford
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11 Wavelength-resolved REMPI mass spectrometry for the monitoring of toxic incineration trace gases
Pages  181 -  206
Heinz Pokorny, Matthias Nomayo, Brian Gullett, Horst-Henning Grotheer, Reinhold Thanner
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12 Photothermal deflection spectroscopy and photoacoustic spectroscopy
Pages  207 -  219
Masato Ohmukai, Yasuo Tsutsumi
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13 A new approach for evaluation of graft function by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy: from experimental studies to clinical applications
Pages  221 -  226
Michel Carretier, Thierry Hauet, Helene Gibelin, Michel Eugene, Herve Baumert, Jean Pierre Faure
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