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Current Topics in Crystal Growth Research   Volumes
Current Topics in Crystal Growth Research
Volume 6
Published in 2002
Table of Contents
1 MOCVD growth and characterization of Sb-based semiconductor thin films
Pages  1 -  18
Baolin Zhang, Hong Jiang, Shuwei Li, Yixin Jin, Yuan Tian
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2 Self-organized growth and microstructure characterization of Ge dots on Si substrates
Pages  19 -  34
Xun Wang, Zuimin Jiang
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3 Growth, defects and mechanical properties of protein single crystals
Pages  35 -  49
K. Kojima, M. Tachibana
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4 Single crystal growth of the trivalent ion conducting tungstate series based on Sc2(WO4)3 - type structure
Pages  51 -  66
A. Dabkowski, G. Adachi, H. A. Dabkowska, J. E. Greedan, M. Hiaraiwa, N. Imanaka, S. Tamura, Y. Kobayashi
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5 Formation of structural defects during metal electrocrystallization
Pages  67 -  82
Luisa Peraldo Bicelli, Valentin Michaelovich Kozlov
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6 Formation mechanism of ice crystal habit and the side branches of dendritic ice crystals growing from the vapor phase
Pages  83 -  94
Tadanori Sei, Takehiko Gonda
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7 Particle engulfment in crystal growth: the thermal puzzle
Pages  95 -  104
Layachi Hadji
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8 Physical properties of (III-V)1-x(IV2)x metastable alloys
Pages  105 -  113
A. G. Rodriguez, M. A. Vidal, H. Navarro-Contreras
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9 Some problems on the phase diagrams research in LPE
Pages  115 -  125
A. Yu. Gorbatechev, F. de Anda, V. A. Mishurnyi
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10 Crystal growth and properties of organometallic and coordination complexes
Pages  127 -  135
D. Xu, D. R.Yuan, M. K. Lu, M.H. Jiang, X. Q. Wang
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