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Current Topics in Virology   Volumes
Current Topics in Virology
Volume 1
Published in 1999
Table of Contents
1 Biological and molecular variability of peanut stripe potyvirus
Pages  1 -  26
C. M. Higgins, R. G. Dietzgen, H. Mat Akin, Sudarsono, K. Chen, Z. Xu
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2 Polylactosaminoglycan chains on the ectodomain of the primary envelope glycoprotein of an arterivirus determine its neuropathogenicity, sensitivity to antibody neutralization and immunogenicity of the neutralization epitope
Pages  27 -  43
Peter G. W. Plagemann, Zongyu Chen, Kehan Li
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3 Adenovirus recombinants as vehicles for AIDS vaccine development
Pages  45 -  60
Bo Peng, Marjorie Robert-Guroff
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4 Targeting HIV-1 gp120 to the high affinity FC receptor (FCγRI, CD64) on myeloid antigen presenting cells: implications for enhancing vaccine responses
Pages  61 -  70
Alexandra L. Howell, Tara N. Thacker, Fang Li, Steve Fiering, Robert F. Graziano, Joel Goldstein, Michael W. Fanger
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5 Hepatitis B virus C-gene expression and function: the lessons learned from viral mutants
Pages  71 -  81
Victor E. Buckwold, Jing-hsiung Ou
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6 Human polyomaviruses in target cells of hematopoetic origin and mechanisms of activation in the course of infection
Pages  83 -  93
Kristina Dörries
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7 Leishmaniavirus: a current perspective
Pages  95 -  103
Scott M. Scheffter, Young-Tae Ro, Ricardo Carrion Jr., Jean L. Patterson
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8 PCR - based detection of viruses in banana and sugarcane
Pages  105 -  118
Ralf G. Dietzgen, John E. Thomas, Grant R. Smith, Donald L. Maclean
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9 Nonstructural protein 3 of hepatitis C virus disrupts intracellular signal transduction pathways by distinct mechanisms
Pages  119 -  125
Peter Borowski, Max Heiland, Julian Schuize zur Wiesch, Herbert Schmitz
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10 Macrophages in viral immunity. Regulation of acquired immune responses
Pages  127 -  138
Odilia L. C. Wijburg, Richard A. Strugnell, Nico van Rooijen
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11 Bovine leukemia virus as a model for human T-cell leukemia virus
Pages  139 -  167
L. Willems, A. Burny, O. Dangoisse, D. Collete, F. Dequiedt, J. S. Gatot, P. Kerkhofs, L. Lefèbvre, C. Merezak, D. Portetelle, J. C. Twizere, R. Kettmann
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12 Humoral responses to human papillomavirus that neutralize infectivity
Pages  169 -  174
Steven W. Ludmerer, William L. McClements
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13 Cis-acting sequences for minus-strand synthesis by plant-infecting RNA viruses
Pages  175 -  189
Matt R. Chapman, Robert Tayon Jr., C. Cheng Kao
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14 Viral exceptions to 5’-end dependent initiation of translation: is there really a difference in the mechanism of ribosome recruitment to capped and IRES containing mRNAs?
Pages  191 -  201
Katherine M. Kean, Yanne Michel, Andrew M. Borman
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15 Human papillomavirus type 31b transcription during the differentiation-dependent viral life cycle
Pages  203 -  217
Michelle A. Ozbun, Craig Meyers
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16 Live attenuated vaccines against respiratory syncytial virus: molecular analysis and construction by reverse genetics
Pages  219 -  228
A. C. Marriott, A. J. Easton
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17 Cytokine/chemokine networks in the pathogenesis of HIV disease: implications on therapeutic interventions
Pages  229 -  233
Hiroyuki Moriuchi, Masako Moriuchi
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18 Papillomavirus structure, assembly and infection
Mini Review
Pages  235 -  244
Martin Sapp, Claudia Fligge, Luise Florin, Tsenan Giroglou, Frank Schäfer, Rolf E. Streeck
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19 Biological functions of mouse hepatitis virus (MHV) spike (S) protein and implication of S protein-MHV receptor interaction in virus virulence
Mini Review
Pages  245 -  252
Fumihiro Taguchi
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20 Roles of CD46 in measles virus infection: friend or foe?
Mini Review
Pages  253 -  257
Timothy C. Wong, Akiko Hirano
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