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Current Topics in Virology   Volumes
Current Topics in Virology
Volume 2
Published in 2002
Table of Contents
1 Interactions between herpes simplex virus and leukocytes: molecular mechanisms and impact on antiviral defense
Pages  1 -  36
Søren R. Paludan
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2 HVS immortalised T-lymphocytes as tools in primate immunodeficiency virus research: a review
Pages  37 -  52
Cherelyn Vella, Natalie N. Zheng, Rod S. Daniels
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3 The Vpu protein of human immunodeficiency virus type 1: structure function relationships and the SHIV model to assess its role in HIV-1 pathogenesis
Pages  53 -  68
Edward B. Stephens, Erik Pacyniak, Darcy M. Griffin, Dinesh K. Singh
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4 Genetically modified adenoviruses as recombinant vaccines
Pages  69 -  84
Aguinaldo R. Pinto, Hildegund C. J. Ertl
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5 Molecular basis for Epstein-Barr virus DNA replication
Pages  85 -  100
Tatsuya Tsurumi, Masatoshi Fujita
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6 Mumps virus - an underestimated viral pathogen
Pages  101 -  113
Claes Örvell, Tesfaldet Tecle, Bo Johansson
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7 Strict regulation of HIV-1 reverse transcription
Pages  115 -  127
Nancy Beerens, Ben Berkhout
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8 The CD8+ T cell response to Epstein-Barr virus (EBV): development of an efficient method to detect EBV-specific CD8+ T cells by flow cytometry and its clinical application
Pages  129 -  140
Kiyotaka Kuzushima, Tatsuya Tsurumi
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9 Evasion of adenovirus-transformed cells from the host’s immune system
Pages  141 -  150
Oliver Lehmkühler, Franziska Gunselmann, Bettina Gunawardena, Helmut Esche, Dieter Brockmann
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10 Molecular regulation of cellular apoptosis by fish infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (IPNV) infection
Pages  151 -  160
Jiann-Ruey Hong, Jen-Leih Wu
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11 High throughput assay of hepatitis C virus NS3 protease inhibitors
Pages  161 -  170
Nobuko Kakiuchi, Satoshi Nishikawa
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12 Peculiar polysaccharide-degrading enzymes encoded by chloroviruses
Pages  171 -  177
Takashi Yamada
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13 Recent advances in AIDS vaccine preclinical trials: challenges against the chronic disease
Pages  179 -  185
Tetsuro Matano
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14 Regulation of bacteriophage λ DNA replication
Mini Review
Pages  187 -  194
Grzegorz Węgrzyn, Alicja Węgrzyn
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15 The papillomavirus E2 protein: a clinical target and tool in the treatment of tumourigenesis and HPV infection
Mini Review
Pages  195 -  198
Kevin Gaston
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