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Current Topics in Virology   Volumes
Current Topics in Virology
Volume 3
Published in 2003
Table of Contents
1 Incorporation of host cellular proteins in HIV-1 particles as a key mechanism for HIV replication
Pages  1 -  15
Christine Cartier, Bénédicte Hemonnot, Christian Devaux, Laurence Briant
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2 Picornaviral proteases in viral replication and pathogenesis
Pages  17 -  31
Decheng Yang, Paul Cheung, Bobby Yanagawa, David Chau, Caroline T. Y. Cheung, Bruce M. McManus
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3 Gene regulation in the prototype gamma-2 herpesvirus
Pages  33 -  52
Delyth J. Goodwin, Matthew S. Walters, Adrian Whitehouse
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4 Molecular aspects in HTLV-I pathogenesis
Pages  53 -  67
Evgenia Gold, Yana Schavinsky, Zahi Ben-Aroya, Mordechai Aboud, Mahmoud Huleihel
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5 Cellular immortalization induced by the human papillomavirus E6 oncogene
Pages  69 -  79
Xueli Fan, Jason J. Chen
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6 Human circoviruses: clinical and applied perspectives
Pages  81 -  90
Bjørn Grinde
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7 Is it time for a re-examination of the prion hypothesis?
Pages  91 -  98
Richard I. Carp, Harry C. Meeker
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8 Pathogenesis of human polyomavirus infections: consequences of JCV genomic heterogeneity for the induction of PML
Pages  99 -  107
Kristina Dörries
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9 Modular control of HTLV-I transcription: a story of cooperation and competition
Pages  109 -  117
Heather L. Yanites, Kelly K. Woodard, Susan J. Marriott
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10 Role of glial cells in neuropathogenesis of murine leukemia viruses
Pages  119 -  124
Sayaka Takase-Yoden, Rihito Watanabe
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11 Rupestris stem pitting associated virus of grapevines: genome structure, genetic diversity, detection, and phylogenetic relationship to other plant viruses
Pages  125 -  135
Baozhong Meng, Dennis Gonsalves
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12 Foamy viruses: at the cross-roads between retroviruses and pararetroviruses
Pages  137 -  146
Jacqueline Lehmann-Che, Ali Saib
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13 A new channel protein from virus: the E1 protein of HCV
Pages  147 -  153
Anna Rita Ciccaglione, Maria Rapicetta
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14 Current perspectives in African swine fever virus infection and evasion of host defenses
Pages  155 -  163
José Salas, María L. Salas
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15 Molecular epidemiology of measles in Asia
Pages  165 -  181
Jacques R. Kremer, Claude P. Muller
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16 The role of steroid hormones in human papillomavirus-induced cervical carcinogenesis
Pages  183 -  199
Jennifer L. Bromberg-White, Craig Meyers
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17 CMV infection associated with liver dysfunction in immunocompetent children
Short Communication
Pages  201 -  210
Yasuyo Kashiwagi, Hisashi Kawashima, Hiroaki Ioi, Akiyoshi Hoshi, Rina Uzuka, Kouji Takekuma, Akinori Hoshika, Masayoshi Kage
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