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Current Topics in Virology   Volumes
Current Topics in Virology
Volume 4
Published in 2004
Table of Contents
1 Translational control of poliovirus gene expression: a seductive model of disease eradication?
Pages  1 -  17
C. E. Malnou, K. M. Kean
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2 Prospects for antiviral strategies in the treatment and prevention of Dengue virus infections
Pages  19 -  37
Boon-Huan Tan, Eu-Hian Yap, Richard J. Sugrue
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3 Chicken egg yolk immunoglobulins as oral prophylactics against bovine rotavirus and coronavirus infections
Pages  39 -  49
Masahiko Kuroki
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4 Pathophysiology of Rotavirus diarrhea
Pages  51 -  61
Ove Lundgren, Lennart Svensson
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5 The current development of technologies for shrimp viruses diagonosis/detection
Pages  63 -  73
Zerong You, E. Cesar B. Nadala Jr., Jinsheng Yang, Philip C. Loh
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6 Human immunodeficiency virus type 2, an AIDS virus with two faces
Pages  75 -  87
Christophe Guillon, Hetty Blaak, Marchina E. van der Ende, Albert D. M. E. Osterhaus, Rob A. Gruters
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7 HIV-1 Tat induced alterations in oxidation-reduction potential as a model to extend the understanding of drug idiosyncrasy
Mini Review
Pages  89 -  95
David F. Lehman, Michael J. Rieder, Daria LaRocca, Peter D. Holohan
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8 Measles virus infection: studies on the role of viral envelope glycoproteins
Pages  97 -  104
Chunling Hu, Yipeng Qi
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9 Autoimmunity induced by human endogenous retroviruses: with reference to the pathogenesis of SLE
Pages  105 -  111
Iwao Sekigawa, Toshio Naito, Hitoshi Ogasawara, Hiroshi Kaneko, Takashi Hishikawa, Hiroshi Hashimoto
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10 SIV-associated lymphomas in non human primate experimental animal model
Pages  113 -  121
Maria Teresa Maggiorella, Federica Crostarosa, Leonardo Sernicola, Fausto Titti
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11 A small out-of-frame protein regulating the biological activities in a mouse model for human demyelinating disease
Pages  123 -  132
Yoshiro Ohara, Toshiki Himeda, Kunihiko Asakura
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12 The called "Tat" of small ruminant lentivirus is a Vpr-like protein
Pages  133 -  157
Stéphanie Villet, Amel Baya Bouzar, Thierry Morin, Gérard Verdier, Catherine Legras-Lachuer, Yahia Chebloune
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13 Overcoming diversity with a multi-envelope HIV vaccine
Pages  159 -  168
K. S. Slobod, S. A. Brown, S. Surman, A. Zirkel, B. Jones, X. Zhan, B. Sealy, J. Stambas, B. Brown, M. Bonsignori, T. D. Lockey, P. Freiden, J. L. Hurwitz, P. C. Doherty, C. Coleclough
Abstract | Buy this article 
14 The role of cholesterol rich domains and cellular proteins in mouse retrovirus assembly
Pages  169 -  183
Christiane Beer, Manfred Wirth
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15 Mechanisms of coronavirus cross-species transmission
Pages  185 -  200
Willie C. McRoy, Ralph S. Baric
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16 RNA packaging in MuLV and HIV-1 retroviral particles
Pages  201 -  218
Marylène Mougel, Fatima Smagulova, Jean Marie Ramirez, Laurent Houzet
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