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Current Trends in Microbiology   Volumes
Current Trends in Microbiology
Volume 10
Published in 2016
This is a complementary issue - Complimentary
Table of Contents
1 A seven-year human data analysis (2008-2015) of a near-infrared laser system for the treatment of onychomycosis
Pages  1 -  10
Eric Bornstein, Annette Joyce
Abstract | PDF
2 Inhibitors of apoptosis proteins (IAPs) govern cell death and inflammatory processes associated with microbial pathogenesis
Pages  11 -  22
Kathleen Nudel, Paola Massari, Caroline Attardo Genco
Abstract | PDF
3 Copper alloys - The new ‘old’ weapon in the fight against infectious disease
Pages  23 -  45
Harold T. Michels, Corinne A. Michels
Abstract | PDF
4 Biosynthesis and structure of glycopeptidolipids and their role as virulence factors for non-tuberculosis mycobacteria
Pages  47 -  61
Ashley Swanson, Jeffrey S. Schorey
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5 High-throughput DNA sequencing for genomic characterization of bacteria for monitoring hospital-acquired infections
Pages  63 -  72
Roberto Biassoni, Eddi Di Marco, Alessandro Raso, Elisabetta Ugolotti
Abstract | PDF
6 Immunomodulatory responses of the intestine to pathogenic bacterial colonization
Pages  73 -  84
J. M. Sahler, C. R. Eade, C. Altier, J. C. March
Abstract | PDF
7 Comparison of soil properties between upland and paddy fields based on the soil fertility index (SOFIX)
Original Communication
Pages  85 -  94
Kiwako S. Araki, Ima Yudha Perwira, Dinesh Adhikari, Motoki Kubo
Abstract | PDF
8 Bordetella pertussis filamentous hemagglutinin and pertactin DNA vaccines
Original Communication
Pages  95 -  103
Scott R. Fry, Austen Y. Chen, Grant E. Daggard, Dulantha Ulluwishewa, Trilochan K. S. Mukkur
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9 Lipid composition of mitochondria of aerobically grown baker’s and brewer’s yeast
Original Communication
Pages  105 -  113
Gordana Čanadi Jurešić, Suzana Šegota, Marin Glad, Branka Blagović
Abstract | PDF


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