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Current Topics in Biotechnology   Volumes
Current Topics in Biotechnology
Volume 1
Published in 2004
Table of Contents
1 Dietary fiber modulates hyperuricemia induced by dietary purine compounds in rats
Pages  1 -  14
Takashi Koguchi, Tadahiro Tadokoro, Satoshi Innami
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2 Use of substrate analogues to develop a model for the substrate selectivity of the enzyme Coproporphyrinogen Oxidase
Pages  15 -  27
Marjorie Jones, Timothy D. Lash
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3 Bioskin: a new biomaterial for therapeutical and biotechnological purposes
Pages  29 -  42
María-Estrella Legaz, María Teresa Solas, Ana María Millanes, Mara Sacristán, Lauro Xavier-Filho, Carlos Vicente
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4 Antihypertensive peptides from food proteins
Pages  43 -  54
Seiichi Mizuno, Naoyuki Yamamoto
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5 Liquid and solid-state cultures of the filamentous fungi, Geotrichum candidum and Penicillium camembertii – kinetic studies
Pages  55 -  65
L. Adour, M. Aldarf, C. Couriol, F. Fourcade, A. Amrane, Y. Prigent
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6 Simple purification of lectins -application to isolation of a Japanese mistletoe lectin
Original Communication
Pages  67 -  73
Yu Koyama, Takuji Suzuki, Akane Kajiya, Yasunori Matsushita, Shoji Odani, Toshioki Kawakami, Masaki Sazuka, Mamoru Isemura
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7 Usefulness of a particular gene knockout mouse in tuberculosis research
Original Communication
Pages  75 -  80
Isamu Sugawara
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8 A novel biological method for decreasing cholesterol content in foodstuffs through conversion to pro-vitamin D
Pages  81 -  87
J. Florin-Christensen, A. Nusblat, C. Nudel
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9 Effect of adsorption pH on column bioreactor production of the polysaccharide pullulan using cells immobilized on an ion-exchange resin
Short Communication
Pages  89 -  94
Thomas P. West, Beth Reed
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10 Application of oriented immobilisation methods to enzyme sensors
Pages  95 -  107
Mònica Campàs, Bogdan Bucur, Silvana Andreescu, Jean-Louis Marty
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11 Cisplatin resistance conferred by human copper transporter ATP7B
Pages  109 -  115
Masaharu Komatsu, Tatsuhiko Furukawa, Masayuki Nakagawa, Kohji Aoyama, Toru Takeuchi, Shin-ichi Akiyama
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12 Microbial processes for metal recovery from waste products
Pages  117 -  127
M. Viera, E. Donati
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13 Applications of chitosan and alginate hydrogels in biotechnology
Mini Review
Pages  129 -  132
Timothy J. Smith
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14 Involvement of tyramine and octopamine receptors in insect behaviour and metamorphosis
Pages  133 -  138
Akinori Hirashima
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15 Genotoxic effects of cadmium and manganese on Saponaria officinalis
Short Communication
Pages  139 -  143
A. Poma, A. Tucci, G. Marcozzi, L. Spanò
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