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Current Topics in Biotechnology   Volumes
Current Topics in Biotechnology
Volume 6
Published in 2011
This is a complementary issue - Complimentary
Table of Contents
1 Alkalophilic and alkali-tolerant soil fungi from Celtis tala and Scutia buxifolia forests in eastern Buenos Aires province (Argentina)
Pages  1 -  11
Lorena Elíades, Marta Cabello, Mario Saparrat, Claudio Voget
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2 Crude oil bioremediation in tropical soil microcosms
Original Communication
Pages  13 -  21
Joana Montezano Marques, Vanessa Marques Alvarez, Diogo Jurelevicius, Renata da Costa Casella, Ronalt Leite Vital, Lucy Seldin
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3 How much would the fungal lectin - antibodies interactions be selective?
Original Communication
Pages  23 -  33
Olga M. Tsivileva, Lada V. Stepanova, Gennady L. Burygin, Valentina E. Nikitina
Abstract | PDF
4 Gari extract agar as a culture media for mycological studies
Original Communication
Pages  35 -  39
S. I. Okorondu, T. G. Sokari, C. O. Akujobi, J. N. Ogbulie
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5 Cocoyam (Colocasia esculenta): An alternative raw material for vinegar production
Original Communication
Pages  41 -  47
W. Braide, S. Oranusi, R. N. Nwaoguikpe, C. Akobondu, O. I. Oguoma, L. I. Udegbunam
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6 Biodegradation of crude oil in soil by Bacillus subtilis SB-1
Original Communication
Pages  49 -  55
Ruixia Hao, Ming Lv, Anhui Lu
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7 Modulating glycosylation of recombinant monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic applications
Pages  57 -  69
Raymond Ho, Brendan J. McConkey
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8 Efficient implementation of micro-algae for sustainable environmental and economic development
Pages  71 -  82
Martin Koller, Anna Salerno, Philipp Tuffner, Michael Koinigg, Herbert Böchzelt, Sigurd Schober, Hans Schnitzer, Martin Mittelbach, Gerhart Braunegg
Abstract | PDF
9 The application of transcriptomics in the evaluation and understanding of bovine health and nutritional status
Pages  83 -  91
R. A. Murphy
Abstract | PDF
10 Diesel-oil degrading potentials of bacterial isolates from diesel polluted soil
Original Communication
Pages  93 -  101
C. O. Akujobi, R. A. Onyeagba, V. O. Nwaugo, N. N. Odu
Abstract | PDF


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