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Current Topics in Toxicology   Volumes
Current Topics in Toxicology
Volume 13
Published in 2017
This is a complementary issue - Complimentary
Table of Contents
1 Pesticides, wildfire suppression chemicals, and California wildfires: A human health perspective
Pages  1 -  12
Sarah A. Carratt, Cameron H. Flayer, Michelle E. Kossack, Jerold A. Last
Abstract | PDF
2 Preliminary assessment of the toxic effects of the novel insecticide Zhukoed on population growth and certain biological parameters of Daphnia magna
Original Communication
Pages  13 -  21
G. A. Papchenkova
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3 Toxicity of Endosulfan in Channa punctatus (Bloch)
Original Communication
Pages  23 -  30
Garima Harit, Neera Srivastava
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4 Municipal effluent exposures in fathead minnows during partial life cycle: endocrine disruptive effects and impact on reproduction
Original Communication
Pages  31 -  45
E. Lacaze, C. Gauthier, C. André, P. Couture, M. Desrosiers, F. Cloutier, F. Gagné
Abstract | PDF
5 Environmental and health hazards of hazardous air pollutants with relevance to their persistence, endocrine-disrupting property and carcinogenicity
Mini Review
Pages  47 -  56
Wen-Tien Tsai
Abstract | PDF
6 The ameliorative effect of selenium against deltamethrin-induced hepato-renal dysfunction, oxidative stress and histopathological damage in lactating rats and their pups
Original Communication
Pages  57 -  68
Sameeh A. Mansour, Reham I. Mohamed, Amina R. Ali
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7 The effects of municipal effluents on oxidative stress, immunocompetence and DNA integrity in fathead minnow juveniles
Original Communication
Pages  69 -  80
E. Lacaze, C. Gauthier, P. Couture, C. André, F. Cloutier, M. Fournier, F. Gagné
Abstract | PDF
8 Toxicity of different doses of methomyl on male rats and the protective effect of zinc especially at high lethal doses
Original Communication
Pages  81 -  93
Sameeh Abdel-Kader Mansour, Amina Rashad Ali, Reham Ibrahim Mohamed
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9 Histopathological study of zinc oxide nanoparticle-induced neurotoxicity in rats
Original Communication
Pages  95 -  103
Said Said Elshama, Ayman El-Meghawry El-Kenawy, Hosam-Eldin Hussein Osman
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10 Assessment of environmental hazards caused by industrial effluent discharge using zebrafish as an aquatic biomarker
Short Communication
Pages  105 -  112
Reena Chetandas Jhamtani, Saurabh Shukla, Mohinder Singh Dahiya, Rakhi Agarwal
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11 The use of Daphnia magna for the toxicological evaluation of inorganic nanoparticles
Pages  113 -  125
Jéssica Cristina Izoton, Tamara Ramos Maciel, Aline Lorenset, Muriel Pando Pereira, Sandra Elisa Haas
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12 Toxic effect of sub-chronic use of zinc oxide nanoparticles on the lymphatic system of adult albino rats
Original Communication
Pages  127 -  137
Said Said Elshama, Rasha R. Salem, Hosam-Eldin Hussein Osman, Ayman El-Meghawry El-Kenawy
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