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Trends in Chromatography   Volumes
Trends in Chromatography
Volume 8
Published in 2013
This is a complementary issue - Complimentary
Table of Contents
1 High-performance thin-layer chromatographic analysis of the neutral lipid content of urine and feces in mice experimentally infected with Schistosoma mansoni
Original Communication
Pages  1 -  6
Meghan Cicchi, Jeff Bolstridge, Nevena Popovic, Bernard Fried, Joseph Sherma
Abstract | PDF
2 Kinetic and thermodynamic study of the separation of omeprazole enantiomers by HPLC using a polysaccharide carbamate as chiral stationary phase
Original Communication
Pages  7 -  21
Alessandra Ferraiolo de Freitas, Kátia Roberta Anacleto Belaz, Quezia Bezerra Cass, Cesar Costapinto Santana
Abstract | PDF
3 Validation of a stability indicating RP-HPLC method for the determination of Gatifloxacin in eye drops
Original Communication
Pages  23 -  29
Yong K. Han, Adriana I. Segall
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4 Separation of dyes from aqueous systems by magnetic alginate beads
Original Communication
Pages  31 -  41
Abel E. Navarro, Elliot Chang, Paul Chang, Soo Young Yoon, Angela Manrique
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5 Characterization of polymeric-mixed micelles applied as pseudo-stationary phase in MEKC
Original Communication
Pages  43 -  54
Sabrina Flor, Valeria Tripodi, Diego Chiappetta, Matías Iglesias Rando, Silvia Lucangioli
Abstract | PDF
6 Physical characterization of column chromatography: stringent control over equipment performance in biopharmaceutical production
Original Communication
Pages  55 -  71
C. Helling, T. Dams, B. Gerwat, A. Belousov, J. Strube
Abstract | PDF
7 Characterization of a microemulsion system with AOT as pseudostationary phase in MEEKC for the analysis of estrogens
Original Communication
Pages  73 -  81
Sabrina Flor, Valeria Tripodi, Pablo Estevez, Silvia Lucangioli
Abstract | PDF
8 Validation of a GC-MS and HPLC-ELSD method to study intestinal permeability
Original Communication
Pages  83 -  96
Els Houben, Tim Vanuytsel, Ricard Farré, Jan Tack, Kristin Verbeke
Abstract | PDF
9 Comparative adsorption of highly porous and raw adsorbents for the elimination of copper (II) ions from wastewaters
Original Communication
Pages  97 -  108
Tae H. Kim, David Yang, Ji Y. Kim, Humoyun Musaev, Abel E. Navarro
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10 Fatty acid composition of Biomphalaria glabrata (Gastropoda: Planorbidae) maintained at low, ambient, and high temperatures as determined by GC-MS
Original Communication
Pages  109 -  112
Jeff Bolstridge, Koyyalamudi Sundar Rao, Cheang Khoo, Bernard Fried, Joseph Sherma
Abstract | PDF
11 Experiments for miniaturization and modification of the multi-pesticide residue method EN 12393
Original Communication
Pages  113 -  129
Philipp Steinbach, Wolfgang Schwack
Abstract | PDF
12 Use of a model procedure for transfer of Minilab qualitative screening TLC methods for lumefantrine and artemether in a combined tablet formulation to individual and simultaneous quantitative HPTLC-densitometry methods
Original Communication
Pages  131 -  135
Mai Nguyen, Joseph Sherma
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