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Current Trends in Medicinal Chemistry   Volumes
Current Trends in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume 1
(This volume was published under the former title "Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry".)
Published in 1993
Table of Contents
1 Renin inhibitors: A paradigm for the design of orally active peptide-based therapeutic agents
Pages  1 -  13
Saul H. Rosenberg
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2 Analgesic effects of synthetic TRP (NPS) - containing dipeptides and analogues
Pages  15 -  32
M. T. García-López, R. Herranz, R. González-Muñiz, J. Del Río
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3 Design of RNA interactive anti-HIV-1 agents
Pages  33 -  41
Lucjan Strekowski, W. David Wilson, David W. Boykin, Raymond F. Schinazi, Jerzy L. Mokrosz
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4 Polyamines: A case of multiple yet specific receptor recognition
Pages  43 -  65
Carlo Melchiorre, Maurizio Recanatini, Maria L. Bolognesi, Paola Filippi, Anna Minarini
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5 Structure-activity relationships of acetylcholinesterase inhibitor: 1-benzyl-4-[(5, 6-dimethoxy-1-indanon-2-yl) methyl] piperidine hydrochloride (E2020) and related compounds
Pages  67 -  81
Hachiro Sugimoto
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6 A new generation of 1, 4-dihydropyridines showing novel pharmacological properties
Pages  83 -  91
M. P. Ortega, C. E. Sunkel, M. M. Gómez, L. Santons, M. Fau de Casa-Juana, J. G. Priego
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7 Aspects of antibody directed enzyme prodrug therapy (ADEPT)
Pages  93 -  100
C. J. Springer
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8 The structure-activity relationships of dibenz (c,e) azocines and 4-phenyl - 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinolin-4-ols as α-adrenergic blocking agents and noradrenaline potentiators
Pages  101 -  113
Masaru Kihara
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9 Studies on the α-adrenergic receptor: Structure-activity relationships
Pages  115 -  127
Gloria Resell, Mercedes Alvarez
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10 Novel 4-regiomodified anilidopiperidines. New analgesics with diverse profiles: Their development and therapeutic potential
Pages  129 -  143
Jerome R. Bagley, Linas V. Kudzma
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11 Some aspects of the structure-activity relationships in oxytocin and vasopressin
Pages  145 -  154
M. Tarnowska, A. Liwo, F. Kasprzykowski, L. Lankiewicz, Z. Grzonka, J. Ciarkowski
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12 NMR spectroscopy and drug metabolism: Studies of cyclophosphamide metabolites
Pages  155 -  171
Susan M. Ludeman, Gerald Zon, O. Michael Colvin, Michael P. Gamcsik, Ellen M. Shulman - Roskes
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13 A novel approach to the development of safer anti-inflammatory steroids: Antedrug
Pages  173 -  202
Mounir A. Khalil, Taesoo Kwon, Henry J. Lee
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14 Development of boron containing pyrimidine and nucleoside analogues for neutron capture therapy
Pages  203 -  221
Naganna M. Goudgaon, Raymond F. Schinazi
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15 A decade of 7-oxabicycloheptanes
Pages  223 -  241
Steven E. Hall
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16 Development of high-affinity ligands for serotonin receptor subtypes
Pages  243 -  260
I. van Wijngaarden, M. Th. M. Tulp, W. Soudijn
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17 14-Alkoxymorphinans-a series of highly potent opioid agonists, antagonists, and partial agonists
Pages  261 -  276
Helmut Schmidhammer
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18 A working hypothesis to explain the mechanism of action of gastrin
Pages  277 -  289
Jean Martinez, Jean-Claude Galleyrand, Jean Christophe Lallement, Muriel Amblard
Abstract | Buy this article 
19 Potassium channel activators and airway function
Pages  291 -  311
D. R. Buckle, D. G. Smith
Abstract | Buy this article 
20 The carbonic anhydrases: Are these enzymes still a good deal for a pharmacologist?
Pages  313 -  347
Francesco Botrè, Claudio Botrè
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21 Potential targets of anti-HIV drugs
Pages  349 -  357
Mohamed Nasr, Steven R. Turk
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22 Semisynthetic dalbaheptides: Chemistry and biological activity
Pages  359 -  376
Adriano Malabarba, Romeo Ciabatti, Bruno Cavalleri
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23 Stereoselectivity of excitatory amino acid receptors: Enzymatic resolution of AMPA receptor agonists
Pages  377 -  385
Jan J. Hansen
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24 Kadsurenone and 2,5-diaryl tetrahydrofurans PAF-receptor antagonists
Pages  387 -  425
Mitree M. Ponpipom
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25 Inhibition of calcification of costal cartilage by α-amino acids, simple peptides, and sulfur - containing compounds
Pages  427 -  437
William O. Foye, Anna W. Tai, Hwi Shin Chun
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26 Discovery of a potent, selective and orally active series of peptide leukotriene antagonists: Evolution of ICI 204.219
Pages  439 -  451
Ying Kwong Yee
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27 Separation of electronic, hydrophobic, and steric effects in 3D-quantitative structure-activity relationships with descriptors directly from 3D structures using a comparative molecular field analysis (CoMFA) approach
Pages  453 -  467
Ki Hwan Kim
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