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Trends in Organometallic Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Organometallic Chemistry
Volume 4
Published in 2002
Table of Contents
1 Nonbridged half-metallocene type early transition metal complexes as catalyst for the precise olefin polymerization
Pages  1 -  18
Kotohiro Nomura
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2 Iron(0) complexes derived from α, β-unsaturated-ketone analogues bearing β-positioned functional groups
Pages  19 -  31
Alfredo Toscano, Carmen Ortega, Cecilio Alvarez, Elizabeth Gomez, Guillermo Penieres, Jose G. Lopez, Pankaj Sharma, Rene Gutierrez
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3 5-Palladatricyclo[,4] heptanes- extraordinary and versatile chiral organometallic compounds
Pages  33 -  45
A. Stephen K. Hashmi
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4 Triene-tricarbonyliron complexes in organic synthesis
Pages  47 -  58
Chi Wi Ong, Ming Chih Lai
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5 Phosphine incorporation and exchange in mononuclear η5- cyclopentadienyl iron carbonyl complexes
Pages  59 -  70
Andrew D. Smith, Simon Jones, Stephen G. Davies
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6 Thermoregulated phase-separable transition metal complex with nonionic phosphine ligand
Pages  71 -  79
Yanhua Wang, Zilin Jin
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7 Recent advances in insecticidal and environmental aspects of triorganotin compounds
Pages  81 -  87
George Eng, Xueqing Song
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8 Molecular and crystal engineering of polymetallic magnetic coupling systems
Pages  89 -  97
Chi-Bun Ching, Dai-Zheng Liao, Hao-Yu Shen, Zaher Judeh
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9 Metal-assisted functionalization of diphosphines
Pages  99 -  107
Casimiro Rodriguez, Jose M. Vila, Alberto A. Fernandez, Jesus J. Fernandez, Margarita Lopez Torres, Roberto Mosteiro
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10 Microbial biomethylation of antimony
Pages  109 -  122
Richard O Jenkins
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11 Trapping of water soluble phosphine by cyclodextrins: an unexpected access to coordinatively unsaturated organometallic species
Pages  123 -  129
E. Monflier, H. Bricout, L. Caron, M. Canipelle, S. Tilloy
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12 Rhodium complexes of bidentate and potentially hemilabile phosphorus ligands for hydroformylation of styrene at low
Mini Review
Pages  131 -  139
Herve des Abbayes, Nathalie Le Bris, Pascale Laurent
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13 Orbital interactions in pentacoordinate carbonyl complexes
Mini Review
Pages  141 -  146
Nicholas E. Leadbeater
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14 Ferrocene - fifty years of transition metal organometallic chemistry - from organic and inorganic to supramolecular chemistry
Pages  147 -  169
Alberto Federman Neto, Alessandra Caramori Pelegrino, Vitor Andre Darin
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